Pilates in Paradise

Join us at Pilates Nosara for a magical week-long retreat in the jungle of Costa Rica, just minutes from a world class surf beach. You’ll stay at the breath-taking Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, fully immersed in both luxury and nature. On the retreat, we offer two Pilates classes per day, one to challenge your body […]

We Will Be At OM Yoga Show Oct 2016

Cooking with Love Provides Food for the Soul

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art.  Meet our Head Chef Michael Barton, a true culinary artist.  Here is his story, background and how he found his passion into cooking for others right here in Nosara, Costa Rica. Michael, originally from Los Angeles, California found his way down to Costa Rica the end […]

Plant a Tree

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort has made a conscious effort to design and develop the resorts location to preserve the gorgeous local trees around the surrounding area.  Owner of Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Gary Edwards, has always had a love of trees.  At his business in Canada, a large scale land and development company, he estimates […]

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga

Just like our fingerprint, each yoga experience comes with its own uniqueness breath by breath.  Each class carries its own “Joie de vivre” or joy of being one’s own self as we express and move through the teachings of yoga.  Here at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, we offer the community a chance to study with […]

New Years Surf & Yoga Camp

Planning a special trip or an event to attend for the end of the year can be an exciting time.  As we start to daydream of getting away from colder winter weather, traveling with family or friends during one of the most traditionally celebrated holidays of the year… New Year’s Eve- it’s a time to […]

Farm to Table?

The Farm – to – table movement has been rapidly gaining recognition. This movement is concerned with producing food locally and delivering that food to local customers with minimal if any storage, processing, packaging, and direct sales. It is also an attempt to provide the freshest ingredients and to educate customers about the link up […]

Chakra Juices! $5

A ‘Chakra’ is the name for an energy center in the body.  In Yoga, Chakras are commonly studied as an energy vortex, or region in the body where energy flows through or can sometimes can get stuck. We have seven of these energy centers that are situated along the spinal column.  From root to crown […]

Surfing in Nosara

Surfing in Nosara, Costa Rica I’m not going to lie.  The movie Point Break starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze was seriously one of my favorites growing up.  I can still recite the lines as if I watched it yesterday.  Something about the cool laid back surfer lifestyle and the adrenaline of the waves.  It […]


There is a movement happening in our little beach town. Trending with the eco-tourism of Costa Rica we think this is an incredibly important one.  Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is a plastic free facility!  You won’t find any plastic bottles of water for purchase.  Instead we have glass bottles with a cool protective coozie to […]