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June 30, 2019 - July 19, 2019

Awakened Life School of Yoga Active & Slow Flow 200HR Yoga Teacher Training

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Event Name: Awakened Life School of Yoga Active & Slow Flow 200HR Yoga Teacher Training

Event Date: June 30, 2019 - July 19, 2019

More Retreat Info: https://awakenedlifeschoolofyoga.com/

Wonderful and unpredictable life changes are in store when you free yourself from being and playing small. Let your heart and body lead the way.

Fact: There are hundreds of yoga teacher trainings out there.
Challenge: Narrowing the choice down to a manageable size…and then picking just one. You’re probably asking, “How is that even possible? How can I know which one is the best for me?”

Happily, it is possible when you make the research and choice part of the journey. Consider yoga as a path to freedom. Yes, it’s fun, feels great and is good for you. The longer you’re on the path, however, the more you realize there’s so much more to yoga than fun and fitness. Yoga has the power to change your life in wonderful and unpredictable ways.

Yoga can free you from old habits and beliefs that no longer serve your best interests. It can free you from isolation, loneliness, anxiety and fear. It can free you from being and playing small.

Yoga teacher training is an opportunity to know yourself in a completely different way–to see the beautiful and powerful person you are. It’s an opportunity for deep connection with yourself, others and the amazing world around you.

Back to the question: How do you pick the best teacher training for you? It’s easy, actually. You listen to your heart. You listen to your intuition. Your body knows the right answer.

If your heart is calling you to train with Awakened Life, we promise you it will be a huge step on the yoga path. Nothing in your life will ever be the same. You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible during your time with us. You’ll laugh until it hurts and cry tears of sorrow, gratitude and joy. You’ll connect with others in a fresh and invigorating way. And, you’ll dance, sing and celebrate because no matter where you are or what you’ve been through, life is sweet, beautiful and good. Just like you.

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Awakened Life School of Yoga is a modern school with a full faculty of master teachers with expertise in a wide variety of disciplines and styles.  We focus on helping people live happier, fuller lives.  Whether you want to be a yoga teacher or just want to deepen your practice, you’ll love practicing in a loving, non-judgmental, and encouraging environment.