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May 11, 2019 - May 18, 2019

Reclaim Your Radiance: Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica

Taught By: Marlee Liss and Barbie Liss
Event Details

Event Name: Reclaim Your Radiance: Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica

Event Date: May 11, 2019 - May 18, 2019

Taught By: Marlee Liss and Barbie Liss

More Retreat Info: https://www.reclaimyourradianceretreats.com/

Join our mother-daughter facilitator duo for an epic week of yoga, sisterhood, and soul-nourishment, as we celebrate ourselves and reclaim our radiance! Gift yourself with one week in Costa Rica, enjoying the magic of the lush green rainforest. We will spend this week journeying through the archetypes of the Divine Feminine. Each day we will learn and embody one of the seven archetypes, such as Priestess and Warrior, each associated with a different chakra. We welcome humans of every age, shape, and size.

A glimpse into our retreat: 7 nights accommodation, three nourishing meals a day, daily all-level yoga, guided hike through cascading waterfalls and magical swimming holes, ecstatic dance, healing and self-love circles, daily workshops (Healing the Mother Wound, Body Image & Self-Esteem, etc.), Red Tent Ceremony, mindfulness and meditation, Full Moon celebration, and R&R time to enjoy Bodhi’s resort offerings.

Pricing and details (what is included/not)
Total: $1950 USD

4-instalment payment plan available, 

Reserve your spot with instalment 1: $487.50

Included: Accommodation, meals, snacks, and beverages, daily yoga classes, workshops, full moon celebration, red tent ceremony, all-level hiking excursion, healing circles, salt-water pool, and more!

Not included: airfare, ground transportation, optional excursions (dolphin watching cruise and surf lessons) and Bodhi Tree spa services


“This Yoga retreat changed my life! I came home a different person and with several new sisters. Not only am I relaxed and refreshed but I feel there is so much life has to offer that I was missing before – I only have to reach out to get it. Marlee and Barbie enabled an environment of non-competition, love and caring for each of the other women, as well as caring for ourselves. All of us were from different backgrounds, ages from 20 to 71 (71 – that’s me) with all different interests, careers, home situations and ability to do Yoga. At the daily healing circle we learned about our Chakras and we shared our personal histories, feelings and issues. I must admit that I cried a lot (this I totally did not expect; I never cry). It was so wonderful I cannot describe it. I came home full of love, feeling wonderful and ‘soft’ (if that is a way one can feel). I love all of my new sisters, and I love everyone around me and I love myself. This is the really big change. I do love myself and I can even say it. I have so much to learn and to give and to share. I never understood this before.– Carol Grosh

“Reclaim your inner Radiance… I was not sure what those words fully meant when I signed up, but on this retreat, I felt like I reclaimed everything great and powerful about myself. I celebrated my flaws and my accomplishments. I celebrated my failures and my wins. I celebrated my good and not so good. I celebrated loving myself and sharing parts of my truth that I never shared. What that did was release built up anger and hurt that I did not even realize I had. It was something so incredibly powerful that I cannot explain. * exhales *” – Shay LaQuel

Retreat Leaders
Marlee Liss


Marlee Liss Completed her 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Ahimsa Toronto after working on Yasodhara Ashram in BC, which celebrates the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. Trained in various styles of yoga (Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Shakti, Yin, etc.), she incorporates her energy healing and Reiki certification. With a background in dance, many of her sequences offer flowing lyrical movements in order to take yogi’s out of their minds and deeper into their bodies. Marlee’s life work is dedicated to celebrating sisterhood and women’s empowerment. A workshop facilitator and spiritual empowerment coach, she creates safe and transformative spaces by pulling from several areas of her life. Marlee is the author and founder of the Re-Humanize movement, which challenges objectification and sexual violence through trauma-informed workshops, fundraisers, healing circles, and more. Learn More at ReHumanizeMovement.com

Certifications & Achievements: Bachelor of Social Work, Author of ‘Re-Humanize’, 300-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Coach (Maia Mystery School), Body image & self-esteem workshop facilitator (with NEDIC, National Eating Disorder Information Centre), Reiki Level 2, Red Tent Ceremony Facilitator (The Moon Woman), Heart of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality training, Competitive Dance Training (Performance, Choreographer, Teacher), and Daughter of Barbie.

Barbie Liss

Barbie Liss is a heart-centred, energy healer who has been working with women to inspire empowerment and strength for over 13 years. Through her work, she teaches women to reclaim their health and step into their truest, most radiant self. Barbie is proud to bring mindfulness and self-growth to a wide range of communities through her 1-on-1 energy healing services, women’s circles, and facilitated group programs. Her services inspire cultivation of self-love, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, self-care and nurturance, rewriting your story, affirmations for authentic living, reclaiming your warrior archetype, celebrating sisterhood, and more.

Certifications & Achievements: Bachelor of Psychology, Certified Personal Trainer, Energy Healing Practitioner, Reiki Level 2, Awakened Women Leadership Training, Lifestyle Wellness and Coaching Certification, Red Tent Ceremony Facilitator (The Moon Woman), Healing with Crystals Training, Intuition Development Course, Mindfulness and Meditation Training, and Mother of Marlee.