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Bodhi Tree Group Run

Come run with Rachel Baker-Monroe on Thursday mornings starting at 8:30am from the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort‘s front desk. You’ll run for about 45 minutes on unpaved road, trail and sand. This run is all levels with opportunists to cut it short or make it longer.
Cost: $5
About Rachel
I grew up on a diary farm and we had lots of freedom to roam. I used to run the back roads to get to my friend’s house. This led to running track and cross country in high school. I loved running from the start. I ran in college, but didn’t really start competing until 1998 when I ran my first marathon. I remember feeling really good, really bad, really lost, and really found. After that, I started dabbling in things like Ironman, Xterra, Half Ironman, ITU World Championships, 50 mile trail races, 50KM trail races, and everything in between. I was a junky. All the while, training other athlete junkies like me. With my degrees in athletic training and exercise sciences, I gained the foundational education. Through certifications in Active Release Techniques, Structural integration, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, and countless others, I gained the skills. But, it has been through my experience that I have learned the most. I have learned to listen to my body and trust my natural instincts. I have learned to heal myself and that has been the greatest education of them all. Running for me is meditation and a way to release stress. I no longer run to achieve a goal that is not in line with my higher objective which is to feel good more often than not and to live a very long and healthy life. It is my higher purpose to see my children grow up and maybe have kids of their own. In order to do that, I must take care of myself. Running is a part of achieving that goal as it allows me to clear my head, move my body, meet amazing people who feed me with life giving energy, and spend time in nature.
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May 23 2019


8:30 am - 9:15 am




Front Desk