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Workshop: Sacred Cacao & Shamanic Sound Journey

Sound is one of the most effective methods of healing, an ancient and sacred practice passed down and refined for over thousands of years.  Both Daniel and Fernanda, have practiced and embodied the art of sound healing over the years forming their group Viajeros de Amor Por el Mundo traveling the world gathering knowledge, experience, friendships, and diverse musical talent.

By practicing and playing with both musicians and healers, they have come to form their unique sound and energy. More than just a soundbath, it is an experience taking you on a journey that traverses continents, as well as, dimensions.

Cacao is a medicine that has been used by Olmec, Mayan, and Aztec civilizations for over 5,000 years, to bring healing on both a spiritual and physical level.  Via the theobromine present in cacao, chemicals, such as, dopamine and phenethylamine are released, creating sensations of heightened empathy and pleasure.

In opening our heart space, we are able to release old patterns and traumas, helping us to embody our intentions and achieve higher states of consciousness.

Cost: $27 + tax
Location: *Please check in at Reception


Jan 30 2020


6:30 pm


$27 + tax


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Elizabeth Amara Rose