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Class Description: When we think about congregating for church, it’s all heaven and light. A chase. A reaching. This church practice is about softening our rigidity into our shadow spaces so our light can be revealed. We do this through the practice of yoga asana. It’s one type of modality we can utilize to get closer to ourselves and become free. The world in which we dwell is dualistic, and when we experience duality, it’s the mind’s “job” to comb through the spectrum of our experiences and categorize them. This 2 hour sadhana is our tool to dig deeper, to listen more closely to the subtle aspects going on beneath the surface. Yoga is the journey from dense to subtle. It is these subtle energies that we shine the light of our awareness on to bring harmony and balance within. Our bodies and our thoughts are equally dense. Through this equanimous deep listening practice we can start to dissolve some of our patterns of thinking and doing that no longer serve the best versions of ourselves. Let the inquiry begin.


Jul 05 2020


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Oceana Shala