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June 8, 2019 - June 15, 2019

Flow and Grow in Costa Rica Retreat

Taught By: Lacie Dunn and Terri Sellers
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Event Name: Flow and Grow in Costa Rica Retreat

Event Date: June 8, 2019 - June 15, 2019

Taught By: Lacie Dunn and Terri Sellers

More Retreat Info: https://lacieyoga.com/

Here’s your chance to experience the gorgeous blue zone Nosara, Costa Rica! Give your mind, body and soul a nice reset during this retreat!

Here’s your chance to experience the gorgeous blue zone Nosara, Costa Rica! Give your mind, body and soul a nice reset during this retreat! Not only will you naturally fall in love with the breathtaking views, delicious food, first-class service, monkeys and lovely people, but you will experience inner peace like you never have before! You will have options to adventure off the resort (waterfalls, ATV, surfing, ziplining and more!), make appointments at the spa, meditate by streams, ride a bike to the beach and even shop at cutesy boutiques nearby!

Lacie Dunn and Terri Sellers will hold 2 daily practices including flow and yin creating the perfect balance to release the fire within and delve deep into our bodies. These 2 practices will leave you feeling content, passionate and full of joy. Get ready for your heart to grow bigger!


Triple room- $1300 per person
Queen Single- $1700 per person – SOLD OUT!
Queen Double- $1500 per person
Gaya Suite 5 people- $6000 total
Bodhi House 4 people- $6400 total

Prices include:
7 nights: Saturday-Saturday
3 meals per day
2 daily yoga practices
Connection Workshop
Airport Group Transfer

Prices exclude:
Flights to and from Costa Rica
Airport transportation outside group transfer noted above
Any purchases at bar or café

Book now to get the room you want!!
$500 non-refundable deposit when you register

For questions and to register email Lacie Dunn: 

Retreat Leaders
Lacie Dunn

My yoga journey started in the late 2000’s after going through a few traumatic losses and was in search of healing. After taking a few classes, I quickly noticed the difference it made mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The healing began and along with it came self-discovery, realization, acceptance and it even enriched my faith. The love was so strong that it led me to Yoga Teacher Training, so I could help share and spread the practice to others. I teach flow and yin at LifeTime Fitness in Birmingham, AL. I consider many people “my teachers”, but some of my more known faves are Bryan Kest, Kino MacGregor and Richard Miller PhD.

Terri Sellers

Terri’s yoga practice and teachings are rooted in Ashtanga, Power, Vinyasa and Yin.Her most influential teachers include:  Jonny Kest, Bryan Kest), Ashley Turner, Akasha Ellis, Laura Tyree and Tina ‘Shiva Dasi’ Hill.

Terri takes a broad view of philosophy, religion and spirituality, seeking universal truths that tie the paths together in a common goal: a life lived in service to God/Higher Power/Consciousness, to others and to maintaining a healthy mind & body for this work. With a nod to the Bhagavad Gita, as well as to the teachings of her own mother, she tends to embrace:  ‘your business is with your deed and not with the result’.

Terri’s enchantment with yoga led to founding, launching and partnering in the birth of Birmingham Yoga, Sweet Om Alabama, and in 2013 was blessed with the opportunity to bring the Life Power Yoga studio to life in Vestavia.

She is currently teaching Surrender, a yin yoga class at Life Time, where she infuses nuggets of wisdom from the roots of yoga, meditation, philosophy, deep self-inquiry, devotion and humor.

Terri uses the yin space as a vehicle for providing a peaceful, compassionate and allowing presence that heals imbalances by mindful, awareness of emotions, sensations, intensity and breath. This mindfulness, she believes, allows a reopening of shut down senses, allowing all the sensations and emotions to flow and go, removing the issues from our tissues. Without the pause of this practice, many of us become stuck in our stories and on repeat, but in the yin space we find freedom within the expansiveness that comes from allowing all of life to course through us…shadows, light, beauty and the dark.