April 06, 2019 - April 13, 2019



Spring is the time of renewal and there is nothing more soul-gratifying than a 7-day retreat that allows you to unplug from your daily life. Breathe, stretch, unwind, recalibrate and indulge yourself in a level of self-care like never before.  

Sacred time creates space for the emergence of your greatest self. In the busyness of your everyday, it can be difficult to hear, feel, connect and bear witness to what your soul knows to be true. This retreat will allow your heart and head connect in a way that you may have never experienced before and will leave you feeling grounded, connected and powerful in your being. 


For reservations contact our retreat coordinator: Cathy Wassermann.  email: cathy.wassermann@visiontravel.ca
For specific questions about retreat email Laura @ drlaurafoster@gmail.com or David @ davidgoodyoga@gmail.com 

David Good

David believes yoga is a way to discover your hidden potential and find the truth of who you are, on and off the mat. 

David discovered yoga in his twenties in Vancouver. What began as an on-again-off-again relationship eventually grew into a life’s practice.  After many years of practicing with a stiffer body, David discovered the balance between flexibility and strength and how you need both.  

His passion grew to marry the two into a practice that celebrates all the different bodies that showed up to practice.

David’s classes range in intensity and focus, from vigorous sequencing to supportive restorative work.  Offering rich alignment cues and heartfelt humour, David aims to create an inclusive environment that nurtures the soul and leaves students feeling like they’ve learned something about their bodies in the process. 

Visit David’s Website: www.davidgoodyoga.com

Laura Foster

Laura believes that life is meant to be experienced as a journey of truths and perfect moments that edge you closer to living from the level of your soul.  We all know what truly fulfills us, despite the fact that many of us become distracted from experiencing our greatest life experience.  Laura has been an inspired Chiropractor for over 20 years and along the way she has coached and led retreats, workshops and group gatherings that have allowed her to tap into her gift of helping others find their truth and greatest sense of self. 

Laura has an enlightened way of helping others find their way to this place in a lighthearted, fun and relaxed way.  Laura has many passions with a multitude of interests, but all of them include connection, laughter and great food.  

Visit Laura’s Website: www.drlaurafoster.com