February 15, 2019 - February 15, 2019

Dancing Warrior

Taught By: Jasmin Rituper

Friday, February 15, 2019 at 10 AM – 12:30 PM
Taught by: Jasmin Rituper
Location: Shakti Shala
Cost: $30

Dancing Warrior is a dance/movement class that fuses elements of dance, yoga and martial arts. Everything we do in this class will be to music — Empowerment, Strength, Freedom and Expression is the thrive.

We will be working towards a choreographed movement phrase to music where the body will be ready to move through space using all levels and also going upside down. 

Pre-register: yali@bodhitreeyogaresort.com

The name “Dancing Warrior “ already gives us a feel of strength, empowerment, joy, dynamic and that is what this class is all about. Moving in a way that lets us feel strong, powerful, graceful and beautiful from the inside out and all around.

This class fuses yoga, dance and martial arts movements. We will start with a strong but grounded and organic full body warm up, guided to music with focus on body awareness, strength, dynamic and fluidity so we are well prepared to work on a movement sequence incorporating all these things and putting it on music and rhyme. We will use the last part of class for improvisation, free flow and/or use the sequence we worked on and create your own version. This allows everybody to have movements to hold on to but express yourself how ever you feel. 

Dance is another language that can speak louder than words. Let your Dancing Warrior come alive and be explored.

About Jasmin

Jasmin Rituper is a performing and teaching Dancer, Aerialist, Movement Artist/Designer and certified Yoga and Pilates teacher. She studied dance and music since the age of 4 and got her B.A. in Dance and Musical Theater from the Amsterdam Theaterschool on a scholarship. She is constantly working on her movement and physical development and will bring out her own movement style by fall 2019.

She works for film, commercials, video work, theater and stage work, company /music/art events in the in the fields of Dance (Contemporary/Commercial/Urban/Abstract), Aerial (silk, hoop, straps, vertical dance,wire work ), Contortion, Burlesque and some stuntwork. (wire work, fight choreography, under-water).

Besides working as a performer and teaching artist, she also designs and choreographs movement for big events and for character/creature roles. Performing 34 years, Jasmin is very dedicated and passionate.

IG : Iamshapeshifting