March 26, 2019 - March 26, 2019

Fluye ~ Awake the Life Force and Joy within Cacao Ceremony and Movement journey

Taught By: Regina Rhythm

Tuesday, March 26, 2019
10 AM – 12:30 PM
Taught by: Regina Rhythm
Cost: $30
Location: Akasha Shala

Fluye means being in the state of flow.

Regina creates a space for opening and expansion, aiming to tap into your authentic and unique form of expression through movement, empowered by the uplifting beats of her drum.

She will lead the journey starting with a Cacao Ceremony to connect with the heart space and fill you with the stamina that brings you the power of this Amazonian medicine plant.

Her sequence of Kundalini movements, spinal spirals and flowing stretches will help you connect with your body and activate the Kundalini energy, guiding you into the free flow, where by consciously surrender, you can connect to your pure essence, the source.

“Drumming and dance have been used since ancient times all around the world as a way to bring the community together, as a way to celebrate life, as a way to ground and connect to mother Earth energy. It mysteriously opens the door to altered states of consciousness, as one drops into the hypnotic rhythms allowing the energy and emotions to express freely through movement. A powerful way to reset and make space for the new”

What to expect
Cacao ceremony ~ Intention
Chakra activation ~ Voice and mantra
Kundalini awakening ~ Breath, Spinal spiral and flowing stretches
Movement journey ~ Free flow
Integration ~ Relaxation with healing sounds

What to bring
Comfortable clothing.
Lots of water
Rattle (optional)
Anything to make you comfortable during savasana relaxation.

About: Regina Rhythm

Regina is a Spanish percussionist, singer and dancer who combines her talents to bring people together creating unique experiences to reach high states of consciousness. From early age she had a passion for tribal music and their spiritual ceremonies. This passion moved her to travel around the world to learn the many ways humans uses musical rites as a gate way to other realms. She spent over ten years traveling to West Africa to learn the traditional drumming and dancing directly from master musicians in their own environment. She participated in sacred rituals that transformed her visions and open her eyes to the importance and understanding of the element of music within the community, personal and spiritual connection. Regina creates a transforming musical journey in her own personal way with her strongly feminine flavor, combining the many elements she has learned along her many journeys, the sharing from the elders and through her own meditation and practice.