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Bodhi Tree Buzz | What’s Happening In May At The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort In Nosara

This month at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica, we’re excited to share a variety of new classes and workshops with the yoga community of Nosara. You can find more information listed on our website’s class schedule here.

  • HIIT with Tiffany | Tuesdays + Thursdays at 8:30AM
  • Sculpt + Stretch with Jennifer | Wednesdays at 8:30AM
  • Cross Fit Circuit with Rachel | Wednesdays at 8:30AM
  • Energy Cultivation with Todd | Thursday at 3:30PM
  • Yoga Dance with Gloriana | Thursdays at 3:30PM
  • Hatha with Eve | Fridays at 12PM

Upcoming Workshops

We also have a variety of upcoming workshops available to the yoga community of Nosara.

Friday, May 3 at 4:30PM | Sunset Cocoa Ceremony for New Beginnings with Elizabeth Amara Rose

Using plant medicine and the energy of the coming full moon, we will open our heart space, connecting with ourselves, others, and spirit through sound, breathwork, Reiki and guided meditation.

These modalities will allow participants to experience altered states of consciousness and deep emotional release; we employ shamanic journey and guided meditation to help us gather hidden information and cleanse ourselves energetically, putting us in line with what we discover to be our heart’s truest desires.

We will set our intentions for what we would like to bring to fruition with this full moon and guided by our higher selves we will work towards manifesting those intentions over the next lunar cycle.

Cost: $20
Location: Akasha Shala

You can find more information about this workshop here.

Saturday, May 11 at 2PM | Core Explore with April Joy

In this all levels workshop, we will explore with our physical bodies circles and non-linear dynamic movement, to stretch and tone the entire circumference of our torso.

We will learn ways to pull in around the mid line, as a means to ignite a deep inner stability and to provide support for the low back and spine during abdominal strengthening exercises.
The importance of our vertical core will be discussed and how this power center is a storehouse for energy, which we can potentially tap into and harness.

We will wind down into stillness by working with supported restorative postures and beginning a guided journey into the subtle body.

Cost: $20
Location: Akasha Shala

You can find more information about this workshop here.

Sunday, May 12 at 3PM | Cocoa and Sacred Sound Ceremony with Alejandro Quiros

For some of the first nation tribes, cacao is blood that connects us back to our ancestors. We drink Cacao together as ONE to remember our roots, our ancestors and heal all of our relations.

Cacao from a heart opening teaching can show us from inside what needs to change so we can walk the path from our heart.

Cost: $25 Drop In | $20 nationals
Location: Akasha Shala

You can find more information about this workshop here.

Sunday, May 25 at 2PM |Gratitude Yoga Presents: Dream It Real — Creating A Powerful Life with Vision and Intention with Jodi McLean

Join Jodi McLean, an insightful and amazing certified meditation and yoga instructor, as she guides you to create your life with vision and intention. She will guide you through a powerful workshop focused on putting your passion, purpose and power into action.

This workshop will begin with a discussion on the power of visualization and setting intentions followed by a guided meditation period focused igniting your life’s purpose. Jodi will then lead you through a one-hour energetic vinyasa flow yoga class to help integrate the process on an overall mind, body, breath level.

The workshop will segue into Vision Board Play Time where the group will relax with music and create a dream board to manifest those intentions daily with a beautiful reminder to take home. And to top it all off – a Chakra Sound Bath to relax, center and conclude.

Joy, Relaxation, Realization. Create That Powerful Life You Dream About In Real Time!

Cost: Drop in $90 | Locals $50
Location: Shakti Shala

You can find more information about this workshop here.

As always if you have any questions or would like to reserve your spot for one of the workshops, you can stop by our front desk or email [email protected].

Live Music

Wednesdays at 7PM with PaluSanto

Sundays at 7PM with The Mini Supers

The Bodhi Tree Team

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