Yoga Shalas

Feel the Breeze Caress Your Skin as you Gaze out Over the Jungle and Beyond to the Ocean.

Our yoga shalas are the perfect backdrop to any yoga class, whether you chose a challenging vinyasa style class or restorative meditation. With hardwood floors, 360 degree views, there is no better spot to take a deep exhale.

Akasha is defined as the life force from which all things flow, a powerful definition that inspires us to delve deeper into the source of our own life force and find the strength to grow. It also means "to radiate or shine bright with joy and hope”, reminding us of the happiness and sense of fulfilment we gain from our yoga practice and from taking care of all facets of our being. Akasha is the name given to one of the five elements in the Sanskrit language: space or ether, the element that holds all potential for creation, a place where anything is possible. It is a studio where we really take in all that surrounds us, we open the senses to feel the nourishment of the ocean, the jungle, the wildlife, the Space to feed our soul on Nature and its abundance. Once we realize our true connection, then we find the courage and Self-acceptance to grow and transform, moving beyond what we thought was possible to discover and fulfil our greatest potential.

This studio fits 45 - 50 people.

Shakti refers to a goddess who represents the feminine energy of creation, also known as the divine mother. Shakti represents the feminine life energy that courses through everything in the Universe. The earth, the heavens and all living things are made up of this creative energy as it mixes and dances with Shiva, the male creative energy. Shakti creative energy makes it possible to live, think and act by powering your mind with emotions, memories and desires. Shakti is also considered the essential energy needed for physical health and vibrancy.

This studio is enclosed with surrounding windows, mirrors, a dance barre, AC, excellent for large groups up to 75 people.

Kula means “a community of the heart”, "a group coming together of its own free will, an intentional community” from Sanskrit. By coming together and moving, breathing, rolling around, flipping upside down, meditating, hanging off a wall, we are creating Community/Family/Connection, we are lighting each other up in and offering a part of our soul or spirit to the whole. Community yoga allows you to connect with your own personal practice, and that of those around you. Bodhi Tree is a supportive environment for your capacity to grow and transform mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We welcome practitioners from all across the globe of any experience. We are a here to share our wisdom, and create a serene environment for your practice.

This studio fits 21 people.

Our largest indoor shala with stunning floor to ceiling glass walls with incredible views of the ocean and jungle. Located on the third floor of the Tree Tops building in Bodhi Village.