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Tours In The Area​

Looking to experience more than just our Costa Rica Yoga Resort and Spa? Yearning to discover the adventure and must do’s in the Nosara Costa Rica area? Take a look at some of our favourite tours:

Enjoy the longest Canopy Tour in the world located within a pristine 2500-acre forest reserve. This tour is nestled in the mountains surrounding the village of Nosara and will be a highlight of your trip. You will travel across majestic mountain ridges and valleys, soar high above multiple ravines with breathtaking views of rivers, waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean. Suitable for nature lovers, adventurers, families and all who want to experience the ultimate zip-lining adventure.

Paddle around Garza’s northern headland to the fabled Isla Rosada, visit the tucked away “Coco” beach, explore the outer reefs of south Guiones or cruise the Garza bay. Depending on local conditions your ocean paddling experience will be crafted to you and your groups’ skill level. During the trip you’ll increase your ocean knowledge and experience its dynamic waters enhancing your stand up paddling skills and confidence. *Important to note – this tour depends on ocean conditions, and safety is our primary concern.

Stand up paddle the serene waters of the Rio Montana and Rio Nosara, weaving your way through mangrove tunnels to a hidden trail that leads out to Playa Nosara. This is a stand up paddling adventure that will (peacefully) blow your mind. Best of all – it’s accessible to everyone and we’ll do all we can to make sure you have a successful experience in the water.

The Rio Nosara and the Rio Montana are the two largest rivers in Nosara, and where they converge you will find a tremendous amount of natural beauty. For nature lovers and those who like to kayak, this is quite simply the best tour in Nosara. Kayak alongside great blue herons, anhingas, roseate spoonbills, and maybe even a few crocodiles. Then weave through mangrove tunnels just as wide as your boat, enjoying the exquisite sounds of the jungle. Cap it off with an ice-cold watermelon juice or a sunset cerveza at the Boca.

Experience one of Nosara’s hidden gems; this tucked away waterfall destination is a refreshing treat following a 45 minute moderate hike. The hike involves crossing a creek, traversing a cattle farm, and weaving through a primary canopy of tropical dry forest. Stop along the way to interpret the sights, sounds and smells of everything around you before discovering a series of brilliant swimming holes and small waterfalls, each cascading from one to another.
Bask in the cool water and natural beauty of the site until you’re sufficiently refreshed. Depending on the time of year, it’s even possible to hike upriver through the waterfalls. Returning from the falls you’ll be greeted with an organic picnic lunch and refreshments. This tour is documented with photos. All-terrain shoes, swimsuits and hats are suggested.

This tour will take you from the river up to the hills with breathtaking views of the ocean, beaches and mangroves, through jungle trails and along the beaches of Nosara and Ostional. You will ride for two to three hours and will be able to learn about local plants and their medicinal use, animals like howler monkeys and a large variety of birds. All horses are friendly, reliable and trained by an expert, giving beginners and advanced riders a fun experience.

Choose from five different ATV adventures (all tours include fruits and water):
Nosara Tour: 2 hour tour, cruise along the lush Nosara hills and rivers keeping an eye out for wildlife along the way. Fruits and water are included.

White Rock Waterfall Tour: 4 hour tour, journey up to "Pilas Blancas", one of the tallest hills in Nosara Town, and head back to the waterfalls for a refreshing swim. Fruits and water are included.

Coffee Tour: 4 hour tour, this tour takes you across the Nosara hills to a coffee plantation where you will find spectacular views of the ocean and plains. You will get to experience the coffee process preparation, from collecting the beans, to sipping the freshly brewed cafe. Fruits, water and tour guide are included.

Pura Vida Tour: 5 hour tour, exploring the gorgeous coastline, mountains, beaches and jungle trails. Fruits and water are included.

Black Hills Tour: 8 hour tour, enjoy this full day adventure where you are able to explore the real beauty of Guanacaste. Black Hill is one of the highest points of our province and there are spectacular views along the way of the Pacific Ocean. This tour includes fruits, water, and a typical Costa Rican lunch at the ranch. (Recommended for experienced riders only)

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica was created in 1984 to protect one of the world’s most important nesting sites of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle. It is the site for a rarely seen biological wonder. The week before the new moon, hundreds of sea turtles come to one specific mile of beach to dig their eggs into the black volcanic sand. Turtles nest at Ostional year round but peak time occurs from August through December. The phenomenon of “arribadas” (mass nesting) occurs regularly once or twice a month.

Founded in January of 1999, this refuge has been a place for the injured, displaced and orphaned wildlife from Nosara and the Nicoya Peninsula region of Costa Rica. You can visit the Refuge by advanced reservation (as a health precaution to the animals, the Refuge requires visitors to be in Costa Rica for at least 3 days before visiting). Your visit will include a tour of the Refuge facilities and an opportunity to meet up close many of the current “guests” in residence.

Learn about the programs now available that care for the injured and orphaned wildlife.

As one of the best surf towns in the world Nosara is gifted with north and south swells that provide world-class waves year round.

Daily Surf Lessons
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort offers daily surfing lessons for beginners and intermediate surfers. Come surf with us and enjoy the waves of a lifetime, you won’t be disappointed!

Beginner Surf Lesson
Our surf lessons are scheduled according to the tides to ensure the best learning conditions for begin- ners. We will start your surf lesson with a workshop where you will learn the basics of surfing, safety tips, paddling techniques, standing up on a board and riding waves.All our knowledgeable surf instructors are CPR, Open Water Rescue and First Aid certified to guarantee a safe and amazing experience.

1 Beginner Surf Lesson including all equipment & rashguard: $65 / person

Private Surf Lesson - 1 student per 1 instructor
Our surf instructors will start with a demonstration along with a stretching program on the beach. Our goal is to make you feel safe, secure and confident in the water. Basic surfing skills, safety tips, paddling techniques, standing up on a board and riding waves will part of your instruction. With a ratio of one student per one instructor, you can guarantee that you will catch the ideal waves for a beginner.

1 Private Surf Lesson including all equipment & rashguard (2 hours): $90 / person

Surf Tours
If you've come to Costa Rica to surf, get the best local surfing experience possible! This program is designed for experienced surfers & includes all transportation to popular breaks like Playa Garza, Ostion- al, Marbella, Camaronal

Price for surf session $200
*Additional person $20 per person (up to four people in surf tour )

To book a surf lesson email: [email protected]
~ Available 7 days a week