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The Bodhi Tree Spa is open daily to help you let out a much-needed ahhh — something we all need from time to time. The spa offers an array of services to relax your body and restore your soul. All of our spa treatments use locally organic oils and lotions. Call to schedule your spa appointment today.

Spa Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm

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Our Signature Massage. This therapy focuses on realigning deeper muscles and connective tissue by breaking down muscle adhesions. It is beneficial in relieving pain and restore range of motion. Helps releasing chronic muscle tension and knotted areas, such as shoulders, back and hamstrings. Deep Tissue massage combines joint mobilization, deep massage strokes, fascia releases and assisted stretches. By using direct strong pressure throughout the entire massage, this therapy will melt your muscles into a deep wellness state.

Prices: 60min $90+tax | 90min $130+tax

Recover from the stresses of daily life and sink into your vacation in Paradise. When you experience a relaxation massage, expect a treatment that involves long smooth gliding strokes that are rhythmic and flowing, with a touch of detailed delicate techniques in hands, feet and face that will leave you with a sense of ease and freedom in the body. This technique promotes relaxation by increasing the level of oxygen in blood, balancing the nervous system, stimulating circulation and decreasing muscle toxins. This massage uses light to medium pressure.

Prices: 60min $85+tax | 90min $125+tax

This is a scientific and systematic approach to bodywork, done by a certified Physical Therapist or a Senior Massage Therapist. During the session, the therapist will work on any injury or chronic pain area that needs specialized care. Stress reduction, decreased muscle tension, and relief of pain related to soft tissue dysfunction are addressed in this therapy. Using deep tissue techniques, connective tissue manipulation, joint releases, breathwork and body reading, the Therapeutic Massage will help realign your body. Pressure will be adjusted according to your needs.

Prices: 60min $90+tax | 90min $130+tax

Encouraging the natural detoxing process of our body, this massage helps reducing inflammation and promoting self healing. Lymphatic drainage is one of the most relaxing yet therapeutic therapies. Your therapist will gently press and move her hands in directional movements, rhythmic circular and brush like strokes to stimulate relaxation and lymph flow. It also includes direct activation of the lymphatic body centers, such as stomach, armpit and neck which will boost your immune system. Best recommended on an empty stomach.

Prices: 60min $85+tax | 90min $125+tax

A healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness, a Prenatal Massage helps relieve various normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as back aches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, swelling and insomnia. With a combination of sideways and face up bodywork, this massage is a nurturing touch for mommas-to-be!

Prices: 60min $85+tax | 90min $125+tax

Short on time? We have an option for you. This therapy combine deep tissue and relaxing massage techniques based on your personal needs. According to your request, this massage can be gentle and relaxing or vigorous and revitalizing. The therapist will focus on specific areas needing specialized help. For example, upper body for surfers or legs and glutes for yogis. The pressure will be medium to strong.

Price: 30min $60+tax

Our Kids Massage offers a soft, relaxing touch for our little ones. Massage helps your children release stress and aids in better moods and happier kids. 12 years old or under.

Prices: 30min $40+tax | 45min $60+tax

Banana + Honey: The ocean and sandy breeze can quickly dry out your skin. Using a paste made from bananas and honey, this facial promises to leave your skin hydrated and refreshed. This moisturizing facial is recommended for sensitive or dry skin.

Cucumber + Aloe: Using the powerful hydrating agents of cucumber and aloe, this facial will address any dehydration issues you may have and leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed. This hydrating facial is recommended as an after sun treatment.

Avocado + Yogurt: Avocado stimulates collagen formation and helps fight the general signs of aging. Yogurt will soften the skin, remove skin debris and also fights acne. With this rejuvenating facial you will leave feeling youthful and with a soft glow.

Volcanic Clay: Our Costa Rican volcanic clay is ideal for oily skin. This powerful mask will absorb the impurities in your skin, clean your pores and leave your face soft and renewed. This emollient facial is also recommended for normal skin.

Prices: 50min $80+tax

Indulge yourself with our unique Bodhi Treatments. This special treatment starts with a brown sugar and honey exfoliation to slough off the old. A tonic is then applied to cleanse your skin followed by a light coconut oil massage. Once the cleanse is complete, you are layered with your choice of body masks, detailed below. After the body mask is applied, you will be cocooned by local warm banana leaves and left to relax for 20 minutes. Once the body wrap is removed and the mask is washed, your skin will be left feeling oh-so-soft and refreshed.

Hydration: Yummy homemade mask made with banana and honey

Firming: Powerful body mask made with coffee, cacao, honey and coconut oil

Detoxify: Cleansing volcanic clay mask

Sweet Treat: Delicious moisturizing cacao, honey and coconut oil mask

Cooling: Refreshing mask made with cucumber and aloe. This treatment is beneficial for skin that have been exposed to too much sun, therefore does not include exfoliation and the banana leaves are not preheated.

Price: 90min $135+tax

This cleansing full body coconut oil massage helps eliminate toxins, stress and tension while improving your overall well being. It also helps balance the nervous system, boosts immunity, calm the mind and cleanses the lymphatic system. Long deep strokes are applied to release blockages and stagnation while combining fluid movement to move the energy. The intention is to bring the body, mind and soul back into its natural rhythm.

Prices: 60min $90+tax | 90min $130+tax

Reiki is a Japanese technique for used for detoxification, stress reduction, relaxation and to move the energy in the body. Energy that is stuck can create disease, stress, tension and disharmony. Reiki is administered through hands on touch to create an experience to nourish and connect the body, mind and soul.

Prices: 60min $85+tax | 90min $125+tax

Combining these two treatments into one session is a beautiful, grounding, detoxifying and nourishing experience. This treatment brings you back into your natural rhythm and alignment, so you can move through life with ease, clarity and peace.

Prices: 60min $95+tax | 90min $135+tax

A more active and energizing therapy, the Thai Massage promises to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure are used during this unique treatment. This massage is done on a mat, you must bring comfortable stretchy clothes. Thai massage promise to leave you on a deep relaxation state, in-depth awareness of you body sensations, and lightness feeling.

Prices: 90min $135+tax

The art of acupuncture uses the energetic system to heal, activate and improve the body. Consultation may include diagnosis, personal strategies to overcome health issues or improve the body using natural medicine, easy kitchen remedies and recommendations of acupressure points you can use at home. Acupuncture is good for cleansing the mind and balancing the emotions, strengthening muscles, bones and tendons, recovering from trauma or accidents, relieving chronic pain and improving your health and body functionality.

Prices: Consultation and treatment $130+tax (75-90min)

Follow up session $100+tax (45-60min)

Abdominal cupping helps improve appetite, digestion, bile flow, conception, and metabolism. It also aids in the treatment of distension and acidity, relieves constipation and promote regularity of the bowels. With regular abdominal cupping, there is an increase in digestive secretions that enhance peristaltic movement. Many clients experience expelling an excess amount of waste shortly after treatments and also a significant increase of eliminations throughout their day.

Price: 45min $85+tax

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