Bodhi Tree Yoga


Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is the perfect location to deepen your yoga practice. We are pleased to offer groups and individuals a way to combine the wonders of traveling with the power of a concentrated yoga practice. Whether you are planning to lead a retreat group or join one of our upcoming trainings, we can help you craft your desired week-long yoga and wellness adventure. From beginners to experienced students, you will enjoy the company of other yoga and wellness enthusiasts on this unforgettable journey. Discover new ways to deepen your practice and embrace the art of yoga at our yoga retreat center.

Aerial yoga has to be pre registered at our token desk, and it can not be exchanged for a regular token. The price starts at $29.

Immerse yourself in all that Bodhi Tree has to offer. Experience the beauty of the jungle, while relaxing in luxury. Stay up to date on all of our upcoming yoga retreats.

Looking for an ideal place to hold a single or multi-day training? The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is the place to meet all of your needs. Or perhaps you're interested in deepening your practice and enhancing your knowledge by immersing yourself in one of our transformational workshops.

Whether you are challenging yourself with vinyasa or restoring yourself through meditation, our yoga shalas offer a unique class setting with stunning 360 degree views, and sweet ocean air.

Discover the benefits of a private session at Bodhi Tree. Focus on personal goals for your practice, perfect techniques, or develop your home practice with our Senior educator, Yali. All levels from curious beginner to experienced yogi, individuals or groups can enjoy this opportunity.

Our yoga instructors practice a variety of styles, and each of their classes has their own unique elements. Get to know our teachers and find out more about their practices.

Take advantage of a truly extraordinary experience at Bodhi Tree. Find sanctuary by hosting your very own retreat in the lush Nosara jungle. We welcome like minded teachers and leaders from around the world.

Community yoga allows you to connect with your own personal practice, and that of those around you. Bodhi Tree is a supportive environment for your capacity to grow and transform mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We welcome practitioners from all across the globe of any experience. We are a here to share our wisdom, and create a serene environment for your practice.

Spanish Immersion​

Deepen your understanding of Costa Rican culture. Converse with locals in their own tongue. Embrace  personal growth, and enhance your vacation experience. 

Our Resort Tours​

Explore the sun-kissed waves, and vibrant jungles of Nosara. With both high and low impact tours and activities, Costa Rica is yours to discover.

Restore Yourself

The Bodhi Tree Spa is open daily to help you let out a much-needed ahhh — something we all need from time to time.