Our Resort

Welcome to our Green Costa Rica Yoga Resort and Spa.

The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort was creatively designed around nature, leaving the surrounding jungle as it was meant to be. We continuously strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible by preserving the jungle’s natural state, leaving the impression that Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort has been here for many years.

Green Yoga Resort

Here at Bodhi Tree, we take water management very seriously. We make sure every drop of water is used efficiently and sparingly. We’ve built our own water treatment plant, so no water is wasted. The water from our treatment plant is used to irrigate the gardens, keeping our lush grounds green without draining subcutaneous water supplies.

We utilize the sun with solar panels to heat all the hot water required for the resort. We are also very proud to be a plastic free facility.

Through education and consistent effort, we’re working to make Bodhi Tree a consciously green and environmentally friendly resort.

What we support

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is a gold sponsor for Costas Verdes Organization, which is a non profit organization dedicated to coastal restoration. The goal is to reforest degraded beaches in Costa Rica through community involvement. They strive to empower local schools, businesses. Costas Verdes believes that the active participation of local communities in these activities and environmental education is vital in these processes. To this end, Costa Verdes involves schoolchildren in its activities, and organizes workshops in local schools and communities. In most cases its activities are supported by local businesses, which donate funds, materials and the time of their workers. Students from the country’s universities as well as international visitors also volunteer their time. Costas Verdes also establishes nurseries in coastal communities with the support of local families, schools and businesses, which provide the plants and trees necessary for its work. Costas Verdes receives support from public agencies such as the National System of Conservation Areas and the Ministry of the Environment and Energy.

Since 2009, Bomberos de Nosara has helped the community of Nosara in emergencies such as forest and structural fires, wildlife relocation (bee hives, snake, crocodile and others), vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, water rescue and floods. The volunteer firefighters of Nosara do not receive government funding and rely on community support and donations. At a national level, emergencies are handled by Bomberos de Costa Rica and the Red Cross; however, due to the difficulty of access to the Nosara area and limited resources (e.g. the closest firefighter station is 1.5 hours away, and there is only one ambulance in town), Bomberos de Nosara helps ensure timely emergency services for the community because, in the event of an emergency, every second counts!

Founded in January of 1999, the Refuge for Wildlife has been a place for injured, displaced and orphaned wildlife from Nosara and the Nicoya Peninsula region of Costa Rica. While the Howler Monkeys compose the majority of the animals that pass through the Refuge, they are certainly not the only visitors. The refuge also receives squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys, capuchins, parrots, toucans, hawks, snakes, porcupines and bats and many more.

Dining Experience

We make it easy for you to enjoy delicious, healthy meals without stepping off the resort property. Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort strives to use natural, fresh ingredients to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Relax. Renew. Restore.
Allow us to bring you back to your natural rhythms. Our experienced therapist will help you sink in into that healing mood and facilitate your body and soul transformation.

Signature Bodhi Tree Retreat

Our Signature Yoga and Fitness Retreats are the perfect getaway for yogis and fitness enthusiasts to dive deeper into their practice and well-being while enjoying a vacation in paradise.