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July 20, 2024 - July 25, 2024

Bodhi Restorative Rhythms Immersion 

Led By: Dr. Jackie Ang and Jane Fryer
Event Details

Event Name: Bodhi Restorative Rhythms Immersion 

Event Date: July 20, 2024 - July 25, 2024

Led By: Dr. Jackie Ang and Jane Fryer

More Retreat Info: https://janefryer.com/




Welcome to an immersion that is a deep dive, facilitating a total reset of your nervous system, with enough repetition to make a long-term difference. Our dharma is sharing RESTORATIVE RHYTHMS… a brilliant and unique combination of profound internal healing arts: Restorative yoga, yin yoga, restorative yin, yoga nidra, and meditation.

These practices all affect the human nervous system in different ways. It’s a unique blend daily: melting your mind, soothing your soul, and empowering your spirit. We have all been through many unexpected changes in the last few years, and more are coming.

Jane will share her astrological wisdom and perspective – this is part of her medicine as a soul guide and elder. Jackie’s capacity to “hold space” as a mindfulness-based trauma therapist is equally relevant, and their chemistry together is dynamic and simultaneously healing and inspiring. Expect to receive a multidimensional cleanse, to be deeply listening to your heart’s call without the static of everyday life blocking your unique connection to Source.

Combining ancient tools with modern science, take an inner journey that leaves you fortified to flow with grace and ease in our challenging times. Join us for a 5 day immersion into Restorative, Yin, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra and return to the heart of restful awareness.

What sets this immersion apart is our unwavering commitment to uniting diverse traditions, offering a multidimensional approach that resonates with people from all walks of life. Experience profound inner exploration, expertly guided by Dr. Jackie Ang and Jane Fryer, in an ideal setting for transformation.

Experience both joy and rejuvenation intertwined with the breathtaking Bodhi Tree resort amenities. Explore lush jungle trails, take tranquil beach walks, enjoy our salt water pools, indulge in spa treatments, and visit our juice bar for a refreshing experience—an orchestrated symphony of delightful experiences.

The power of this immersion lies in Nosara—the energy of the land, the Pacific Ocean, and the equator. Nestled upon sacred land, our location serves as a genuine haven for healing, providing a unique opportunity to be cradled by nature. Our work is deeply connected to

the rich history of yoga in Nosara, particularly at the esteemed Nosara Yoga Institute, drawing strength and wisdom from Jane’s extensive experience and pioneering role in shaping the yoga community in Nosara.

Pause, rest, and return to wholeness, stillness and self-connection.



7 AM – 8:15AM: Morning practice / Nature immersion

8:15AM – 10AM: Breakfast

10AM – 12:30AM: Morning workshop

12:30PM – 2PM: Lunch

2:30PM – 5PM: Afternoon workshop / Integration time

5PM – 7PM: Dinner

7PM – 8:30PM – Class Experience / Integration Time




3 daily classes: guaranteed multimensional nervous system reset

Time for intentional integration

Dharma talks including Jane’s astrological wisdom

Individual check-ins with Jane or Dr. Jackie

2 additional classes offered at Bodhi Tree

Pre/post-immersion practices and resources online

Free beach shuttle, ensuring consistent access to the most gorgeous beach on the mighty Pacific – priceless prana!


Pricing and details

The starting price for this immersion is $1915 plus applicable taxes.

The $600 tuition, plus taxes, is applicable only to local participants and is subject to organizer approval. Specific requirements apply.



What is the difference between this immersion and a signature retreat? 

This immersion is a deep dive. Expect 5 days of curated practices, workshops and wisdom talks, facilitated group inquiry and a wealth of experiential knowledge, all held in the lushness of nature and tranquility of Bodhi Tree Resort. Pre and post-immersion practices and resources will be provided to deepen your experience.

Do I need to have yoga/meditation experience to attend? 

A willingness to share your inner world, dialogue and witness others and take loving self-responsibility are essential to the collective work of this immersion. An open heart, compassionate curiosity and desire to deeply rest are the requirements for participation.

I think I’d like to spend more time in Nosara – Are the arrival/departure dates flexible? 

Participants are invited and encouraged to extend their stay for further integration and opportunities to explore all Nosara has to offer.

A discounted rate will be offered by Bodhi Tree for up to 3 nights following the conclusion of the immersion.

Can I get CECs for attending? 

Yes – Yoga Alliance CECs can be provided by request

What’s Included? 

All meals & chosen accommodations

Daily practices & workshops

Online access to pre/post immersion practices and resources

Tokens for 2 additional classes offered by local instructors at Bodhi Tree


Retreat Leaders
Dr. Jackie Ang

“Our wellbeing is collective. While we are each uniquely impacted by our personal and intergenerational trauma, our return to compassion and the recognition of our wholeness and humanity unfolds when we are held in community.” – Dr. Jackie Ang.
Dr. Jackie Ang is a medical doctor turned group psychotherapist, wellness educator, yoga and meditation instructor. 
Her life’s path has been driven by a single question: how do we heal humanity? She holds a medical degree from Queen’s University, certifications in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine from the College of International Holistic Studies and over 20 years of study and practice in vajrayana buddhism, vedanta and contemporary mindfulness. Her inquiry on wholeness ultimately crystallized in the field of trauma-informed somatics, sensorimotor psychotherapy, tantra and yoga nidra, where the technology of ancient and modern science meet. 
She weaves these threads together in multiple roles: as a group psychotherapist, combining mindfulness meditation, nervous system regulation, somatics, buddhist psychology and radical self-inquiry for the treatment of mental health and stress related disease; as an educator, co-directing Restorative Rhythms + serving on faculty of several 200/300 hour YTTs and as sacred space-holder, facilitating retreats, workshops and immersive experiences for collective awakening and healing. 

Jane Fryer

Jane Fryer, ERYT 500, NYI 1000, C-MMT 

At 75, Jane has been immersed in the inquiry and practice of embodied consciousness for 50 years. Her journey began in the 70’s after a graduate program in the Psychology of Women and Media led her to a yogic ashram experience where she received Shaktipat initiation. That transformational shift has informed her life and mission/vision ever since. She began to offer teacher trainings at Nosara Yoga Institute in 2012 and considers this opportunity to be the foundation of her current passion -Restorative Rhythms. In all of its forms, including a 200 hour restorative journey through the internal healing arts with co-director Rae Helsel of therestmovement.com. This inquiry, Restorative Rhythms, is the culmination of Jane’s life work and constant study – stay tuned for the next iterations starting in 2024. 
Jane’s medicine is exploring the ebb and flow, remembering you are the sky and everything else is just the weather… through Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Mindfulness Meditation. She is constantly receiving new insights, and sharing them spontaneously and intuitively with her students and friends. Her lifelong study and practice of evolutionary astrology is also in the mix. 
Jane founded Inwardbound.com in the mid 90’s offering high end global nature infused yoga retreat vacations around the world. She was a pioneer in this genre and considers this foundation to her capacity to connect with, inspire and be inspired by diversity and held by nature. And, the unfoldinging awareness 
and interdependence we all need to meet today’s challenging global circumstances aligning power and grace from within with compassion and courage. These are aspects of our essential nature, available when we take time to recover our resilience and literally reset our delicate and profound nervous systems. Jane’s dharma is to inspire wisdom, hold space, support connection, and continue learning on the path of the Heart, The Wise Heart.