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Esperanza School Project

We are reaching out to the community of Nosara to come together on this project for the Esperanza Escuela. Doris Brunbauer and I went for a visit on March 5th, 2015, to see the school and its current condition. It is so very apparent that they need support. Damage from the earthquake resulted in a main portion of the school condemned by engineers as unsafe. The “kitchen” is not functional and the stove they use to cook lunch is about 40 years old and only one of the three burners is working properly. The four classrooms they have for the 118 students are in horrible shape. They were robbed recently and had around twenty computers stolen. The main area where they all gather is a slab of concrete that gets blasted with the dust of the nearby busy road. Directly behind the school is a river that is messing up with their gray water. It was heart breaking to know that the kids (kindergarten to sixth grade) are attending a school in this condition.

We have many organizations and friends coming together- Friends of Nosara, Surfing Nosara Foundation, Change Heroes (our online fundraising campaign). Shivanter John Barczak is connecting this project with the Omega Institute in the states and his Visionary Conference that he is running there this summer. Local businesses, Corporations in the US, and private donors are all showing support. Our first donation came in from a couple from New Hampshire that have been coming to Nosara for many years and consider it their second home. They started us off with $10,000! “It is an honor and pleasure to give back to the community we love so dearly. We are so grateful for our little paradise in CR that gives so much and asks for nothing in return.” Total inspiration.

We are keeping that momentum going and our goal is to buy land and build a new, safe, fully functional school for 200 students, so our reach into the community and beyond makes the biggest impact possible.

The Benefit Concert :: Inauguration Party at the Bpdhi Tree Yoga Resort on Saturday March 21, 2015, will be the kick off for the fundraising campaign to get us there. It is unbelievable what can happen when a community comes together to help one another. It has truly been an amazing process that I am so honored to be a part of.

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