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July 28, 2018 - August 18, 2018

Alchemy of Yoga RYT200 Hour Teacher Training

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Event Name: Alchemy of Yoga RYT200 Hour Teacher Training

Event Date: July 28, 2018 - August 18, 2018

Alchemy of Tours is waiting for you! They are seekers, adventurers, lovers of love, rebel yoga spirits, stretchy-minded, soulful, and sensitive. They enjoy supporting one another, laughter, organic food, dancing in the moonlight, lounging in the pool under the stars, playing at the beach, silent meditation hikes, taking naps, and enthusiastic conversation about elevating the world.

Training Features

Our yoga teacher training and personal development program is wholeheartedly dedicated to the art of self-study through self-exploration. Consider this the ultimate alchemist adventure: it is a Hero’s Journey that will both challenge and encourage you to embrace your potential, awaken your inner power, ignite your passion, and live with the sense of bliss and contentment that all of us are born to experience!

Upon completion, you will be prepared to design and confidently lead intelligent alignment driven Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative classes, all with your own signature style. You’ll also have the skill to adapt to varied fitness and experience levels of your students. You will graduate as a Happiness Ambassador ready to authentically and effectively inspire others while carrying out Alchemy of Yoga’s ultimate mission to "Teach Peace." 

We want you to become part of my Alchemy of Yoga Family. We are a tribe. We are seekers, adventurers, lovers of love, rebel spirits, stretchy-minded, soulful spirits. We enjoy supporting one another, laughter, organic food, dancing in the moonlight, lounging in the hot tub under the stars, playing in the pool, silent meditation hikes, taking naps & enthusiastic conversation about elevating the world. In our intimate Kula (community of the heart, extended family), we will delve into the deepest study of who we are so we can live our happiness in a big way. 

More than simply mastering some yoga poses (though you will accomplish this), we want to see you become more self-aware and self-confident in the authentic expression of your dharma. This is the part where you find out who you are. Something magical and mystical happens when a group of high-intentioned individuals make the decision to gather together for two hundred hours with the purpose of uplifting their lives and expanding consciousness into radical authenticity.

The result is something beyond words. It is, as best as we can explain it, the Alchemy of Yoga. This alchemical process transforms us on three levels, through what we call Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Alchemy, which is woven together throughout the training.

Physical Alchemy – Tapas
To ignite the changes we want to make in our lives we must establish a solid foundation. Traveling through the elements we work our way through the first three chakras Mulhadara, Svadhisthana, and Manipura.

Mental Alchemy – Svadhaya
In yoga we study the self to learn about the self. Here the mental alchemy is through self-observation. By witnessing our thoughts, we become aware of our mental patterns and the obstacles to our happiness. We journey through the heart chakra to align the love and wisdom from our hearts and communicate it out to the world, aligning thoughts, words and actions with our truth.

Spiritual Alchemy – Ishvara Pranidhana
As we are doing and watching, we let go of the ego of judgment. We move beyond wanting life to be different and begin to feel the surrender and acceptance of the natural flow of the present moment. We understand that there is no reason to stop this flow for its natural current is to align with the current of grace that is everywhere outside us. Beauty becomes our way of life. Happiness becomes our natural alchemy once again.

1. EARTH: Foundational Alchemy – Rooting into Yourself & Manifestation
2. WATER: Emotional Alchemy – Tapping into Your Potential and Living in Possibility
3. FIRE: Physical Alchemy – Discovering Your Optimal Performance
4. AIR: Mental Alchemy – Unlearning the Obstacles to Your Happiness
5. ETHER: Spiritual Alchemy –Transformation into Living & Teaching Yoga


All rooms with AC & private bath
Triple room with Shared Bath: $3,800
Double room Shared Bath: $4,499
Queen Bungalow Double Private Bath: $5,100
Single room Shared Bath: $4,699
Single with Private Bath: $5,800 (this is not King Bungalow)
NON-Residential: $1699 (Includes use of facilities + training)

We are proud to offer various price points and payment plans to be more inclusive. $500 deposit saves your spot in our tribe. Final balance due before training begins on July 28, 2018. Please e-mail [email protected] to inquire or call 206-886-5743

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Or just email us why you want to do this program. We welcome your story.

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6:00am-7:30am: Meditation + Yoga
7:30am-8:30am: Practice Teaching
8:30am-9:30am: Breakfast
9:30am-2:00pm: Training Session
2:00pm-5:30pm: Lunch + Free Time
5:30pm-7:30pm: Training Session
7:30pm-8:30pm: Dinner
8:30pm: Closing Circle OM OUT! 

*Free mornings/afternoons/evenings are built into the schedule to allow time for rest, relaxation, self-study, reflection, and play! TIME OFF We include 1 full day and several half day's off. Detailed schedule provided upon registration. 

200+ page Training Manual & vision board
20 nights luxury accommodations
3 healthful, delicious meals per day including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free options & quadruple filtered drinking water
Surf lesson at Playa Guiones
Energy Medicine prescriptions: Earth, Water, Fire, Air Rituals
Cacao Ceremony Plant Medicine
Daily meditation, music and mantra
Healing Breathwork sessions and training
Yoga mats and props
Time for exploration and relaxation
Free WiFi
On-going mentoring and resources upon completion of the program
A spot in TEACH•SERVE•GROW, our upcoming online business course for Yoga Teachers
Costa Rican Taxes (13%) 


Airfare to and from the training
Lodging before and/or after the training if you are coming early or staying later
Spa treatments


How can you tell if you feel the vibe of my #AlchemyofYoga Tribe? Well, here’s how:
1. Your heart already speaks the language of enthusiasm.
2. You have always been in love with love. (You are a Love Alchemist)
3. All your life you’ve been more sensitive than most.
4. Your capacity for compassion is bigger than what words can explain.
5. You love to laugh!
6. You never stopped believing in magic.

Reach out to me [email protected] so I can help you meet your #heart #tribe. It’s not always easy connecting with your people so I want help. We all need our high vibe tribe. Life flows best that way.

I honestly recommend this training for anyone who enjoys practicing yoga and is interested in personal development and growth. It is an amazing journey you take to know yourself and have a better understanding of who you are. A beautiful, enlightening experience that I would do all over again. It has developed, supported and empowered me in my life. – Dana, Lululemon

Calling Alchemy of Yoga a yoga teacher training program does not do it justice. My three weeks in Costa Rica with Silvia and the Alchemy tribe and then the time after working on my practicum gave me a loving space and guidance to delve deep to truly find myself and my purpose. As a result of the in-depth study, I am more confident, more connected and more able to flow peacefully with the waves of life. I also developed some of the deepest and most profound friendships with members of my beautiful Kula, lifelong sisters and brother that support and love with so much heart. To say that Alchemy of Yoga is just a teacher training program does not even skim the surface of it. Yes, I came out of the program a yoga teacher, and yes I can teach yoga now, but more than that I can truly say that I live my yoga each day now (and have one seriously magical tribe that supports me in that path). Thank you Silvia for truly teaching me yoga! – Olivia

Silvia – I entered teacher training just hoping to deepen my practice but the reality is I graduated as a whole new me. This was an adventure that pushed, challenged and encouraged me to grow. In a matter of months I became more self-aware and self-confident than any time in my life. I wasn’t surrounded by a group of students that wanted to perfect their asanas. I joined a Kula (a community of the heart), an extended family that offered unconditional support and inspiration. I am grateful to Silvia Mordini for the professional, organized and extremely informative yoga training, but I am eternally indebted to Silvia for creating a safe space for growth and helping open my eyes to my potential! – Casey

Alchemy of Yoga is recognized by Yoga Alliance as a Registered 200 hour Yoga school and in it’s 13 years has hundreds of graduates worldwide. How does the Alchemy of Yoga work? It transforms us on three levels: Physical Alchemy, Spiritual Alchemy, and Mental Alchemy. It supports authenticity and teaches joyful, self-confidence in living your yoga.


Writer. Happiness Coach. Teacher. Healer
Spiritual Vinyasa * Inspired * Playful * Mystical

With contagious enthusiasm Silvia encourages everyone she meets to love their life. Her expert passion connects people to their own joyful potential. Silvia lives her happiness in such a big way that you can’t help but leave her classes, workshops, trainings and retreats spiritually uplifted!

Silvia Mordini is a Writer, Happiness Coach and internationally recognized Yoga Presenter. Her expert passion connects people to their own joyful potential. Born in Ecuador, proud of her Italian heritage and raised as a world traveler, Silvia developed a sense of global citizenship early on. In young adulthood she was run over by a car—a life changing accident that led her to discover the “Alchemy” of Yoga to heal and transform. 

A serial Yogapreneur, Silvia had a 13 year Human Resource career, owned 2 Yoga Studios, founded Alchemy Tours, a Spiritual Adventure company and developed the 10 year old international Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training School. She has been inspiring happiness, global awareness, and joyful living in students for 20 years. She also leads private Dharma Mentoring courses for socially conscious yogapreneurs that aims to calibrate the inner compass for fulfillment and work life balance. This program provides the mechanics to do the work of spirit and be financially successful at the same time. She has been inspiring happiness, global awareness, and joyful living in students for 20 years.

Her workshops such as: Alchemy of Joy: Roots, Rock, Reggae; Alchemy of Love: Drinking the Lotus; Alchemy of Soul: Bhakti Vinyasa; Chakra Vinyasa, Alchemy of Fire: Rebel Spirit Flow; Alchemy of Happiness: Yoga Sutras Unplugged; Alchemy of Beauty: From the Inside Out the Ayurvedic Way; Alchemy of the Beatles include inspirational music, mantra, talk story, guided visualization, journaling, energy medicine, and meditation.

Look for her upcoming book “Happiness Prescriptions,” read her popular blog called Love Your Life (named one of the top Yoga blogs for 2015), along with enjoying her “Loving Your Day” YouTube channel. Her articles appear regularly in magazine such as Mantra Yoga and Health and on various yoga sites such as MindBodyGreen, Yoganonymous, GaiamTV, Daily Cup of Yoga and she is the author of the The Alchemy of Yoga blog on DoYouYoga.com. Devotee of Lakshmi, Silvia dreams of one day living on a beach “almost” full-time and simplifying her closet by 50%. She is a Love Alchemist through and through.

Connect with Silvia:
Personal: http://www.silviamordini.com Twitter/Instagram: @inspiredyogagal
Study: http://www.alchemyofyoga.com Twitter/Instagram: @alchemyofyoga
Travel http://www.alchemytours.com Twitter/Instagram: @alchemytours
UNITE.YOGA with Emily Perry http://www.unite.yoga



Making the everyday sacred, Emily's known for weaving energetics & Bhakti [devotion] into strong flow + soulful vinyasa practice.

Born in Los Angeles, Emily came into contact with yoga and pilates as a dancer in L.A. and Santa Monica. It wasn’t until college in upstate New York, however, that the practice of yoga and meditation found her. She discovered yoga around the same time she started practicing Zen meditation. It was a book called “Light on Yoga,” that really hooked her, as she found it to be an amazing manual for living a joyful, healthy, peaceful life.

During that same time Emily began studying herbalism with Native American healers, and soon found a calling to study Chinese Medicine and holistic health. Eventually, when she returned to Los Angeles, she dove into vinyasa flow yoga during its early stages, and felt immediately at home. Emily has studied with numerous yoga luminaries, and still continues her meditation practice she began back in 1994.

Emily’s yoga practice has carried her through Acupuncture school, two pregnancies, and has become the heart of her everyday life. Emily eventually left her Acupuncture practice as yoga teaching became a full time offering. Now, as a wife and mother with two kids, Emily is based in Santa Cruz, California, while offering workshops, immersions, retreats and trainings internationally.

Emily has written for several publications online, including Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society, and Yoganonymous, and has a podcast on iTunes, The Essence of Yoga. She has taught workshops at several festivals, including Bhaktifest West and Pranafest, and leads kirtan. She also also been featured in campaigns for Yoga Download, and is a Manduka brand Ambassador.

Emily currently teaches Bhakti Power Vinyasa, mindfulness and meditation, trains students in her yoga teacher training programs, and mentors teachers in her SKILLFUL PATH  mastermind. Look for her upcoming book, THE INNER SHIFT, coming soon in 2018. In addition to leading online courses, you can often find Emily on the mat when she’s not out surfing with the kids, hiking in the redwoods with the dog, or at home cooking plant-based meals.

Connect with Emily [E-RYT 500, L.Ac., MTOM, Manduka Ambassador]
Twitter + Instagram @emilyperryyoga
UNITE.YOGA with Silvia Mordini http://www.unite.yoga