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March 11, 2017 - March 17, 2017

All Terrain Balance & Ageless Mobility 2017

Event Details

Event Name: All Terrain Balance & Ageless Mobility 2017

Event Date: March 11, 2017 - March 17, 2017

This new fun & exciting program incorporates the secrets of sequencing of Water, Land & Sand based exercises in a unique way that optimally improves balance, mobility and strength and allow you to expirence life in a whole new pain free way!

Retreat Features

This fun filled one of a kind health & movement regenerating program is a product of my 39 years of extensive study, training, teaching & coaching in fields of health, longevity, injury/pain management, and elite athletic performance. 

By logically sequencing specific movements and utilising various terrains, the body responds in a very adaptive progressive pain free state allowing you to regain lost health and movement.

Designed to:

* Improve & restore lost joint mobility/stability & quality of pain free movement.

* Develop the ability to balance in all environments to reduce your falls and learn the techniques on how to fall injury free in the event that you do.

* Experience the benefits and fun of this unique H20 conditioning class to totally free you up!

* Discover nutritional strategies used by many of the healthiest & longest living people in the world. Strategies on how to defeat bad eating habits and adapt a health first nutritional plan.

* Access the deep receesses of your mind through advanced brain wave frequency meditation sessions and enter extraordinary states of heightened receptivity allowing you to gain peak performance and tap into your subconscious of inner knowing. 

The “All Terrain Balance & Ageless Mobility” program will not only improve your over all health, strength/balance, reduce stress levels and help you move pain free but also give you the take home tools needed to experience a more rewarding life's journey! 

“ Always choose health first & never skimp on your body or mind, its all you have”  Coach Kerry Timko 

Teacher Bio
Kerry Timko

Coach Timko is a highly sought after movement, health, & performance coach and trainer. Timko has taught at the university level and has been a strength and conditioning coach in the NFL. 

Timko has trained numerous world class, olympic, and professional athletes from multiple sports.

A partial list of Timko’s Education consists of: 

Honours bachelors Degree in Physical & Health Education, Registered Kinesiologist,  Certified Exercise Physiologist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist,  Tac-Fit Diploma, FMS L2,  Club Bell Yoga Cert.,  Bare Foot Training Specialist,  3D Maps Cert., CST Coach, Sport Performance Coach-USA Wt. Lifting,,  RKC 2,   AKC,  Battling Ropes L2,  Flow-Fit Cert,,  Rad Roller Cert.,  Indian Clubs Cert.  Etc………… 


Double Deluxe
King or Queen with A.C , Private Bath, Patio Deck

Couple-  $2795.00 us. funds / person
Single-  $3975 us funds / person


Mark R.Wiskmann – (Age 64  – Position Helicopter Pilot & Busniss Owner

Kerry truly understands the health aspects of mind and body. I really got lots out of the retreat. Along with making new friends, learning nutrition & life skills, I also got a deeper sense of appreciation for my life. The time spent in the studio, ocean, and salt water swimming pool allowed me to gain new body strength, flexibility, and piece of mind. 

P.S – The food was so awesome, so nutrient rich – we always went back for seconds.

Thom Gallie – (Product Mng. Discaty Systems Group)  Cal.

The program this week in Costa Rica was fantastic! I learned a great deal of new information that I will put to work immediately to improve my strength, balance and flexibility. It was tailored right to my needs. The pace was excellent and variety was too. I leave feeling refreshed, reset, and re-comitted.  I also had a lot of fun! The group was a kick. The food and facilities were superb. Costa Rica is a real hoot! I really needed to experience it to appreciate it. Paridice every day.

Great week – I’m reset and taking home lots of fun new stuff to work on.

For More Program information please visit:  AllTerrainBalance.com