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November 27, 2022 - December 17, 2023

Bodhi Tree Yoga Teacher Training in Partnership with iLa Yoga®

Led By: Bridget Shae and Dakota Shae
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Event Name: Bodhi Tree Yoga Teacher Training in Partnership with iLa Yoga®

Event Date: November 27, 2022 - December 17, 2023

Led By: Bridget Shae and Dakota Shae

Step into the inquiry of yoga with us at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, in beautiful Nosara, Costa Rica. Study alongside students from around the world as we embark on a journey through this 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher-training program.

Our three-week immersive program is designed to empower your journey through the study of yoga.Classroom sessions are held in a variety of our beautiful shalas on the Bodhi Tree grounds.  Morning practice, mid-day lectures, practical application, evening discussion, beach meditation, small group presentations, and peer teaching sessions bring a cohesive and intentional structure and flow to our program. Finding and sharing your truth requires tapping into the innate teacher within.

This training delivers tools to access that truth by laying the foundation of technically sound practice, layered with the invaluable ability to tune into the inquiry of being. This approach provides more than the memorization of cues into a standardized flow, rather, it supports the ability to teach from a place of inner truth and wisdom. Join us for this unforgettable, transformational experience in Costa Rica.

Training Features

Most days will consist of a morning Vinyasa practice, lecture, practicum, and practice teach elements. Other elements that are woven into the program include; beach yoga and meditation, restorative and yin yoga, self-study, small group projects and presentations, sensory awareness methods, and communication techniques.

Below is a sample schedule of what to expect each day, however there are a few shorter days scheduled for rest, relaxation and time for you! These days can be used to explore the beach, enjoy the spa, or just relax by the pool. Our opening ceremony takes place Saturday evening, and graduation will take place the last Friday at 5pm. Our graduation ceremony is open to family and friends you’d like to invite.

Training Overwiev

ALIGNMENT + MODIFICATIONS – Hatha Informed, Vinyasa Approached

Learn foundational alignment and prop modifications for traditional yoga postures, including verbal cueing, instructional demoing and intelligent sequencing.

PRACTICUM – Teach Your Yoga!

Supported by the circle of trainees, the culminating progression of knowledge and experience creates a safe space to build confidence as you practice teaching one another.

ANATOMY – Degrees of Mobility

A muscular and skeletal overview of the way our physical form is designed for motion and how our energy and life affect this vessel.

ANATOMY OF THE BREATH – Respiratory Anatomy 

A deeper dive into the anatomy of the respiratory system. Identify breathing pattern irregularities and understand the biochemical, biomechanical and cadence effects of breathing.

HANDS ON ASSISTS – Including Pranassage Techniques

Learn the difference between adjustments and assists as well as how to use safe hands-on techniques as a tool to guide students deeper into their practice.

PRINCIPALS OF – Somatics, Chakras + The Nervous System

Dive deeper into the connection between the practice of yoga and the integration of how the subtle bodies relate to and create the human experience.


A seeker’s guide to yoga education, our training manual is an approachable map to self-development as a yogi and as a teacher.

8 LIMBS OF YOGA – Foundational Overview

Patanjali’s classification of Yama’s, Niyama’s, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.

YOGA SUTRAS – Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Philosophical introduction of the yoga sutras written by Patanjali on the theory and practice of yoga.

YOGA ALLIANCE – 200-Hour RYT Certification

Upon competition of the course, you will be eligible to register for your 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification. You will also receive your 200-Hour Bodhi Tree + iLa Yoga certificate.


In addition to our core teachings, this training also covers yogic elements designed to enhance and empower you and/or your teachings as your lifelong journey to the self unfolds. Further elements covered include meditation, flow of the breath and body through Vinyasa, relaxation techniques, class sequencing, chanting, the business of yoga, playlist and sound development, communication practices, and how to work with injuries and other health conditions. Manduka mats and props are provided

Pricing and Accomodation

Tution: $2350+tax

Jungle queen single: $3,960 + tax
Jungle room double: $3,040 + tax per person SOLD OUT
Bodhi Casita double: $3,285 + tax per person


Thee meals each day · $1,200 + tax

An excellent buffet of veggies, salads, organic chicken, fish and vegan options, hot and cold soups, deserts and coffee, tea, and fresh juices. We also cater to any palate as a personalized service to suit all your special dietary needs. Organic wine, artisanal beer, and cocktails are available for purchase at dinner.

Training Leaders
Bridget Shae

Bridget Shae An innovator in the field of inquiry-based learning, Bridget is a leader in encouraging students to find their truth through the practice of yoga. Bridget co-founded iLa Yoga® in 2012 and is the Director of iLa Yoga® and Bodhi Tree Yoga Schools, accredited by the Yoga Alliance. Bridget has been a student of the practice since 2003, and began teaching in 2008 having studied with world renowned teachers. She has over spent over 1000 hours training in yoga, meditation and qi gong. Bridget teaches a diverse array of practices, and shares her knowledge as an expansive approach to healing. Her studies and commitment to the practice have led to original inspirations, methods, and practices, delivering students with the ability to tap into their inner wisdom and find their own path through this ancient practice. Bridget has taught thousands of students from around the world including Europe, the Middle East, Central America, South America, and North America. Her classes invite you to step more fully into yourself with careful consideration. Infusing the energy of yoga with understanding the intelligence of prana and awareness. Her teachings help to bring clarity and a heightened sense of purpose to your life.

Dakota Shae

Dakota’s teachings center around a whole system approach to achieving optimal health and wellness. Dakota co-founded iLa Yoga® in 2012 and is the co-director of iLa Yoga® and Bodhi Tree Yoga Schools. Dakota’s launch into the vast domain of yoga began in 2006 stemming from an interest in exploring peak physical performance. As a lifelong athlete, he found undeniable physical benefits from a regular practice that, over the years, has evolved into a daily discovery of what is needed to live a happy, healthy life. In addition to his yoga education, Dakota is a certified Oxygen Advantage instructor and incorporates breath training and respiratory anatomy, into his teachings. Dakota’s no nonsense approach health are backed by a deep understanding of human physiology and psychology and uses the ancient practices of yoga as the main pathway to awareness in discovering what practices are most beneficial on any given day. His teachings offer the opportunity to bring about radical self-care and change through the awareness and consistent practices. A calm, yet passionate demeanor, contribute to the vibrant and inspiring teacher that he is. Dakota cares deeply about equipping each of his students with the tools they need most to live their best life.