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April 16, 2023 - April 22, 2023

Coastal Playground in Paradise

Led By: Teri L Smith
Event Details

Event Name: Coastal Playground in Paradise

Event Date: April 16, 2023 - April 22, 2023

Led By: Teri L Smith

More Retreat Info: https://www.wisewellnesswarriors.com/

Have your ever wanted to take a dive into your physical and mental practices without any other distractions?

If you answered yes, this retreat is for you.

Two to three movement practices a day, where we will explore the balance between our inner peaceful warrior and the fighting warrior. These practices allow us to investigate the balance in feeling strong, powerful and combative versus calm, peaceful and rested.

This retreat will encourage a ton of playful movement, expression of the body, expansion of the mind and compassion of the heart. Spend a week listening and awaking your inner light so you may find your potential expression of movement in your body and in life. Additionally reconnecting with the love for living with the earth not just on while rekindling our relationship with nature all while becoming a part of a community.

Pricing and details

(what’s included/what’s not included)


Bodhi Casita Double Occupancy $4,500 for 2 people (2 queen beds/bedrooms 1 bath)

Bodhi CasitaTriple Occupancy $5,700 for 3 people (2 queen beds/ bedrooms 1 bath)

King Bungalow Double Occupancy $4,500 for 2 (1 king bed)

Queen Bungalow Double Occupancy $4,500 for 2 people (2 queen beds)

*$500 non refundable deposit required to save a booked spot


7 Nights Accommodations

3 meals a day, options to take 2-4

Daily classes with a variety option in formats ranging from Yamuna, Pilates, Yoga, Antigravity hammock & Meditation classes led by Teri

Rise and shine
Light snacks, coffee, tea
foot work, breath work and sunrise movement
Free time adventure/some days later morning movement practice
Free time/adventure
Early afternoon movement practice
Dinner time
Free time/some nights mediation practice

Event Leaders
Teri L Smith

Wellness Retreat leader, Body Movement Educator and Yamuna Body Rolling Teacher Educator Teri Smith is your body sustainability warrior with over 20 years of knowledge and experience to bring to our practice. She will guide you through a journey of exploring your body so that it functions better and works to its fullest potential. She is dedicated to bringing you a challenging yet intelligent experience in each class where you will explore, be curious while you become more aware of your imbalances and learn how to fix them through the disciplines of Yamuna Body Rolling, Pilates, Yoga, Breath and Meditation.

Certified Pilates Apparatus/Mat/Standing Pilates Teacher Polestar graduate and PhysicalMind graduate Yamuna Body Rolling Teacher trainer/Practitioner TRX Grey Belt trainer Yoga instructor, breath certification, pelvic floor certification, Pink Ribbon Breast cancer rehab certification, Budokon mobility teacher, cycling instructor