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January 4, 2020 - January 11, 2020

Eat. Breathe. Nourish. Women’s Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Event Details

Event Name: Eat. Breathe. Nourish. Women’s Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Event Date: January 4, 2020 - January 11, 2020

More Retreat Info: https://www.bouldernutrition.com/costa-rica

On this retreat you will be guided through daily practices that support your wellness through nutritional wisdom, conscious cooking, women’s yoga, self-exploration, personal transformation, nature and nourishment. We will remind you how to slow down, rest, reflect, and ignite a sacred relationship to self, food, and your body.

  • Women’s Heart Opening Yoga :: Vinyasa and Yin + Meditation
  • Nutritional Wisdom :: Organic food, conscious cooking and educational immersions
  • Women’s Workshops :: Personal Transformation and Mind-Body Inspired Living
  • Restore :: Rest, Relax, Reflect, Renew, Discover
  • Explore :: Experience the adventure of your dreams.

Join us in experiencing this very special retreat illuminating the self-care, yogic and food-centric aspects of the feminine.  Practice yoga amongst the jungle breeze, watch the beautiful Costa Rican sunsets on the beach, explore the feminine aspect of yourself with a sacred circle of women, and bask in the brilliance of a transformational week where you can come home to yourself.


  • Shared Triple: $2199
  • Shared Double Room:  $2499
  • Single Basic Room:  $2850
  • Single Deluxe Bungalo:  $3499

Your Retreat Includes:

  • 7 nights at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort
  • 3 nourishing organic meals per day
  • Your daily program (yoga, workshops, cooking classes, etc)
  • Bodhi Tree offers an amazing juice bar, pristine pool, full gym and 4 different yoga spaces.

*NOT included is airfare, alcohol and juices from their juice bar.
Transportation from airport can be arranged but not included.


“The Eat. Breathe. Nourish. Retreat was spectacular. It blew away all my expectations. I was able to truly dig in and embrace the intentions that I set during the workshops in Costa Rica and am holding on to those intentions after having returned home. I was able to shift my mind frame and rise to a new level of power within myself that continues to propel me forward in the most positive way (in terms of food and nutrition and my overall goals for myself in life). Sue and Lauren are amazing women and leaders! Every moment and experience was planned with purpose and intention. I only wish the retreat was twice as long!” Mia

Going on retreat by myself is a leap of faith. I couldn’t imagine landing in more loving and capable arms! Sue and Lauren are phenomenal leaders with incredible wisdom and passion that make the experience so much richer and more meaningful than a vacation. 

I am fully supported and given the tools to dig deep and do the personal work needed to grow and advance.The classes and workshops are perfectly crafted and formulated to make me view things in a new light and rapidly transform. DO IT! SAY YES! – Ani

Yogic meditation and practices in this beautiful and peaceful place help you accept your present limitations yet open you mind and body to endless possibilities. Lauren and Sue both introduce you to many different yogic styles and be challenged. As a beginner, and a much older participant, I marvelled at what the advanced people attained, and attempted as best I could to keep pace in the more strenuous power sessions. Couples yoga introduces a powerful aspect of trust in your own body and in your partners!

Built into the daily program was plenty of time to be reflective and enjoy the natural beauty of the jungle and beaches. Time also to explore a little with new found friends, go out to lunch in a local restaurant, try a Spa treatment, browse in the local stores and street stalls, but always gathering again to view the sunset down on the beach and appreciate the fullness of the day.

I took home with me a sense of fulfillment, an new found resolution to listen to my own mind and body, and a plan to realize my intention of the day. And a certain confidence in new found friends who shared this special week where Lauren and Sue’s radiant smiles lead us to ‘Eat, Breathe and be Nourished together.
Namasté. ”  MARION

“The Eat.Breathe.Nourish. retreat was more wonderful than I expected! While I was there, I was able to unwind, do some helpful contemplating, and gain a better understanding of my wellness goals and how to reach them. I also found a really warm sense of connection with other women and an understanding that we’re all facing the same struggles in different ways. Coming back to “real life”, I’m realizing the benefits continue to wash over me as I interact with others and make choices that will impact my health.”  – AILSA

“The facilitators truly knows how to host a first-class retreat. I’ve been on many retreats, and none of them come close to the level of service, kindness, caring and compassion these beautiful professionals have for their guests. Every detail is taken care of. All you need to do is show up, physically, spiritually and mentally.” – IFFER