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February 15, 2025 - February 22, 2025

iLa Yoga: Light Your Life

Led By: Bridget Shae and Dakota Shae
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Event Name: iLa Yoga: Light Your Life

Event Date: February 15, 2025 - February 22, 2025

Led By: Bridget Shae and Dakota Shae

More Retreat Info: https://www.ilayoga.com/costa-rica

Dakota and Bridget have been leading retreats at Bodhi Tree since the day they opened to the public in 2014. In 2008 they planted roots in the Nosara community and have spent the last 16 years developing retreat and teacher training experiences to share with the world. In addition to offering iLa® yoga and wellness retreats, they are the directors of the official Bodhi Tree Yoga Teacher Training Program, providing students with life altering teachings during the twice yearly 200 hour intensive programs. Our annual Light Your Life retreat is a carefully crafted week of experiences based off what we have found to be, the “good stuff”. The pace, practices, and teachings throughout retreat week are in alignment with the “Blue Zone” way of life that is present on Nicoya Peninsula, and we provide ample downtime and encouragement to make the best choices for yourself during the week whatever they may be. In addition to our facilitated retreat offerings which can be found in detail on our website, Dakota and Bridget are present throughout the week and all in for good times and good conversation with good people. We hope you’ll join us, we can’t wait.




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Retreat Leaders
Bridget Shae

Bridget Shae An innovator in the field of inquiry-based learning, Bridget is a leader in encouraging students to find their truth through the practice of yoga. Bridget co-founded iLa Yoga® in 2012 and is the Director of iLa Yoga® and Bodhi Tree Yoga Schools, accredited by the Yoga Alliance. Bridget has been a student of the practice since 2003, and began teaching in 2008 having studied with world renowned teachers. She has over spent over 1000 hours training in yoga, meditation and qi gong. Bridget teaches a diverse array of practices, and shares her knowledge as an expansive approach to healing. Her studies and commitment to the practice have led to original inspirations, methods, and practices, delivering students with the ability to tap into their inner wisdom and find their own path through this ancient practice. Bridget has taught thousands of students from around the world including Europe, the Middle East, Central America, South America, and North America. Her classes invite you to step more fully into yourself with careful consideration. Infusing the energy of yoga with understanding the intelligence of prana and awareness. Her teachings help to bring clarity and a heightened sense of purpose to your life.

Dakota Shae

Dakota’s teachings center around a whole system approach to achieving optimal health and wellness. Dakota co-founded iLa Yoga® in 2012 and is the co-director of iLa Yoga® and Bodhi Tree Yoga Schools. Dakota’s launch into the vast domain of yoga began in 2006 stemming from an interest in exploring peak physical performance. As a lifelong athlete, he found undeniable physical benefits from a regular practice that, over the years, has evolved into a daily discovery of what is needed to live a happy, healthy life. In addition to his yoga education, Dakota is a certified Oxygen Advantage instructor and incorporates breath training and respiratory anatomy, into his teachings. Dakota’s no nonsense approach health are backed by a deep understanding of human physiology and psychology and uses the ancient practices of yoga as the main pathway to awareness in discovering what practices are most beneficial on any given day. His teachings offer the opportunity to bring about radical self-care and change through the awareness and consistent practices. A calm, yet passionate demeanor, contribute to the vibrant and inspiring teacher that he is. Dakota cares deeply about equipping each of his students with the tools they need most to live their best life.