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November 26, 2022 - December 3, 2022

Journey to the Heart

Led By: Catherine Cowan and Catie Fenn
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Event Name: Journey to the Heart

Event Date: November 26, 2022 - December 3, 2022

Led By: Catherine Cowan and Catie Fenn

More Retreat Info: https://catiefenn.com

Tap into your inner wisdom, reconnect with your divine feminine, and settle back into the energy of your heart. This retreat is a mix of daily meditation and yoga alongside daily coaching and healing circles with ample time for rest and rejuvenation.

Journey to the Heart is a sacred container, where the experience is facilitated to create a deep sense of community, trust, and support between participants. There is a balance between time for play, rest and adventure within the healing, coaching, and soulful reflection programming.
Your heart is the home of your soul, your center point, the place where your truth lives, and where healing begins and ends. This retreat is thoughtfully designed to invite you to re-connect with the truth in your heart so you can heal what needs healing, gain clarity on what you desire most, and step into receiving the life you deserve.

The grounding and healing energy of the jungle, alongside the rejuvenating clarity of the beach, make for the perfect backdrop. Nosara is unlike any place else on Earth. The energy of Pura Vida (a simple, pure and peaceful life) is felt from the moment you arrive. The peace and simplicity of this incredible place is the perfect setting for you to arrive back home to yourself.

Together, we create a safe space for you to land and tune inward. We are transformational life and soul work coaches, soul sisters, meditation and yoga teachers. We create powerful and magical experiences that will fill you up from the inside out, light you up and remind you that anything you want for yourself is possible.

Join us for these seven heart-opening and life shifting days. Your soul will thank you


Pricing and details
Everything from once you arrive in Costa Rica is included, except for flight

Retreat Leaders
Catherine Cowan

I’m a Soul Work Coach, healer, and teacher of mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

I’m also a real-deal woman with 3 kids, a husband, and a dog.

We are a Canadian family, and recently followed the wisdom of our hearts and traded snow for the beach, and the concrete jungle for the jungle of Costa Rica.

My work in the world officially began in 2002 when I founded The Holistic Way. But it really has been going on for as long as I can remember. I have always had an undeniable passion to support people to feel amazing about who they are.

My calm, compassionate, and heart-led, intuitive nature has always created a safe place for people to feel comfortable tuning inward and being their true selves.

I credit the extensive travels I did – after graduating from McGill University – as the journey that shifted my natural gifts into my life’s work. The peace, joy and richness in the hearts of people that owned almost nothing was like nothing I’d ever seen – it was truly inspiring and summed up what I knew was possible for human potential. Anxiety, depression, and the constant cycle of dissatisfaction and striving to seek joy from external places was not the answer. The answer was to live in connection to your heart. The contentment these people had sparked a determination and passion to do work that brought this connection and a feeling of ease and joy to people’s live — and so began my business.

My life’s work has evolved over time but, the foundation has remained the same. Today, through my one-on-one coaching work, retreats and online programs I live out my soul’s passion to teach, inspire and support people to live life with heart, soul and joy.

I absolutely adore the work I do. I feel soooooo honoured to support people to tune into their heart’s wisdom, trust their true self, know their purpose, and confidently live each day with intention and self-love.

Catie Fenn

A few years ago I realized that I had fallen prey to the illusion of success that many of us have. I believed that if I had the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect condo and the perfect trips, I would be successful and therefore complete.

A classic over-achiever, I learned through one too many viewings of after-school Oprah that I was responsible for my life. Always the planner, when I was seventeen I wrote out my vision for where I wanted to be when I “grew up”, which entailed working as a lawyer on Bay St., living in downtown Toronto near the CN tower, dating a guy that most definitely wore a suit, and taking trips around the world.
As an over-achiever, the idea of this perfect life was alluring.

It was only once I ticked every item off on this checklist that the sparkle in my life began to fade and I was left disillusioned and lost. I had no clear sense of purpose or connection, despite everything I had built. If this is what I was working toward for so long, I thought, why didn’t it feel that good once I finally achieved it?

Not even finished my twenties I thought,
“Is this all there is?”

I was so stressed out and on edge with the demands I faced in my daily life. Between my law practice and other commitments, I thought I didn’t have any time to spend figuring out why I was feeling so stuck. Instead, I did what many of us do, and I scheduled over, Netflixed over, dated over, drank over, hit the gym over, and worked over the feeling of discord.

As each part of my life started to crumble, I was being called to something more, something beyond what I was currently living. A path that my soul had already chosen, but which I was unaware of at the time.

That was, until I faced a spiritual smackdown. It was February 1st, 2014 and I woke up hungover. I had spent over a year running from my biggest fear, which was admitting that I wasn’t happy even though I finally had the life I always wanted. I stepped outside into the brisk Winter air, and as I felt the cold pierce my skin and watched the sun illuminate the white snow around me, a voice came over me that said:

After years of searching outside of myself for happiness, for success, for love, for everything I thought I needed and wanted – this spiritual smackdown stormed into my life to awaken me, crack me open and let the light back in to guide me to my true purpose. It was only the beginning.
The universe was always speaking, but now I was ready to listen.

I began to look within for my answers, for the very first time in my life. I turned within to find my happiness and the love that had been waiting there for me all along. Experiencing freedom from fear amidst the uncertainty of my life, then deconstructing what it was about, was the most liberating thing I had ever experienced. This was a whole new world to me – one where I was in charge of how I felt.

I began receiving signs, spontaneous insights, and tapped into a deep well of inner wisdom that put the puzzle pieces of my journey together, leading me to discover the love within me – self-love. My heart radically opened to others in my life and to the world, all leading me to my life’s purpose.

This is what happens. The moment we’re ready and willing, the universe conspires for us and begins to create a new, higher, brighter path, leading us into the light and into a life that is beyond our wildest dreams and expectations.

Are you ready to come home to yourself and live the life you are meant to be living?

Let’s begin.