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April 2, 2017 - April 14, 2017

JourneyDance™ International Fast Track Retreat and Training

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Event Name: JourneyDance™ International Fast Track Retreat and Training

Event Date: April 2, 2017 - April 14, 2017

In this retreat and training, we practice and explore our presence in its power and authenticity, and we experience ourselves as the empowered versions we’ve always wanted to become and you will see so clearly how each individual’s presence is essential to the whole.

Retreat Features

When we dance, we can feel each presence and energy.  We are so glad you are joining us.  You matter!  If you were not here, this dance would be different!

For more information or to register please visit: http://journeydance.org/fasttrack/

Toni Bergins is a serious Wild Woman, teaching movement and transformation for more than 20 years, helping 1000s of people to break our of their box, mentoring and mothering, singing in a band and recording original music,  she passionately shares her love of life. Toni has a light sense of humor, a deep wild passion and authenticity that makes JourneyDance™ accessible to all. Enchanted by the soulful music and Toni’s inspired musings during class, she safely allows each student to find their inner power and connection to the wildest parts of themselves. She continues to evolve JourneyDance™ to inspire increased self-love and joy. Toni has taught internationally at the premier and a growing team of teachers