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February 11, 2017 - February 18, 2017

“Madly in Love with Me” Women’s Retreat

Event Details

Event Name: “Madly in Love with Me” Women’s Retreat

Event Date: February 11, 2017 - February 18, 2017

Self-love is the practice of knowing yourself, accepting yourself, trusting yourself, honoring yourself and as a result, deliberately living a magnificently fulfilling life. Develop the strongest ground possible within, overcome your fears and doubts and see your life soar to new heights with you as your own best friend; you deserve it.

Retreat Features

Expect to feel a solid ground developing in you as your mind  steadily quiets down.

Expect to feel connected to yourself in an intimate and playful way.

Expect to feel rejuvenated and eager to return to a life with YOU as your new best friend.

Join me in this one week retreat as we embark upon a journey of self-discovery and self-love! Deepen your relationship with yourself; your connection with yourself; your trust in yourself. Realize that you have a choice in this life and that your life can indeed be anything you want it to be. Building a foundation of love within yourself will have an impact in every area of your life! You’ll feel better, you’ll get the jobs you want, you’ll look better, you’ll have more money and your relationships will improve. It all starts with self love.

Loving yourself is a hot topic these days. We hear it and see it everywhere,

bombarded with promises and consequences of life with or without self love. In its popularity, it seems to have lost its true essence; its lost its ability to penetrate into our hearts and produce real results. Instead, we’re often left with questions – do I love myself? How do I love myself? Isn’t that selfish?

Learning how to embody self-love in your every day life will undoubtedly propel you into an unrecognizable and purposeful new chapter in your life. Together, we will break down the defenses that keep a vibrant and exciting life away from you; we will open our hearts and experience a profound sense of peace and trust; awe and gratitude; inspiration and possibility.  See you there!

What to expect

Daily we will come together and explore concepts of self love and how we can support ourselves and our lives more successfully.  Each workshop will focus on a different aspect of the self-love paradox, with both tools to implement immediately and take-homes to deepen it’s effectiveness in your life. Our sessions will start with a centering meditation and end with the opportunity to share and ask any questions.

There will be plenty of down-time in which you have the choice to either leave the resort and explore the nearby town, head to the beach for a surfing lesson, or stay nestled in the cozy sounds of the jungle, relaxing by the pool and letting the days session soak into you.

You will also have the option to use your down-time to bring a personal project to completion. As a group we will use the atmosphere and new found energy that self-love fosters to break past any self imposed limitations. This can be a writing project, a business plan, a website; whatever you’ve been wanting to complete and for whatever reason have not. Or, it can be a time to figure out a project you’d like to work on.

Our 3 meals daily are buffet style, made with only the freshest ingredients, guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

About Rachael

Life is meant to be fun! I believe that wholeheartedly. If it’s not fun and we’re not happy, what’s the point?  Ultimately I aim to get all of the yucky stuff (unpleasant unavoidable facets of our human existence) out of the way so that I can make the most of this thing called life.  In a nutshell, coffee, music, exercise, my laptop and large bodies of water are things I cannot live without. I love my life and want everyone I know to also love their life.

This retreat, this line of teaching, is particularly close to my heart. Having spent years not knowing what it meant to love myself, and in fact doubting myself and rejecting myself, I know firsthand, very well what it feels like to live a life essentially being my own bully.  Learning how to love myself and experiencing the most solid ground within has made “Madly in Love with Me” my most personal and heartfelt teaching.

With thousands of hours of one-on-one client experience, I’ve had the opportunity to help many people transform their lives, overcome debilitating beliefs and experience a newfound sense of vitality.  I am passionate about life and aim to teach others to maximize their own life. I strive to deliver tools simply and effectively to empower people to live their greatest life yet.

I draw on a multitude of different teachings and philosophies and feel blessed to be able to consistently meet people where they are at and bring them to the next level of their growth.  A trained cognitive therapist, yoga & meditation teacher and coach, I teach and encourage others to dig deeper to see all the possibilities for their future.

To read more visit http://www.artfulthinker.ca/about/rachael

What’s included

8 days/7nights in lavish accommodations at the Bodhi Tree Resort  (WiFi and A/C) 

3 Gourmet Meals each day

Daily “Madly in Love with Me” workshops and meditations with Rachael

1 Individual session with Rachael

“Madly in Love with Me” workbook 


Adventures & Activities
(some are free, some at extra cost)

Pampering at the on-site Spa
Relax by the saltwater pool or head to the beach
Juice Bar/Full Bar 
Spanish lessons
Stand-up Paddle-boarding
Horseback Riding
Hiking or Biking through the tropical forest
Explore the town of Nosara 

Payment – Full Payment Due January 28/2017

Early bird special – save $150 if you register before October 15th.

$1699 before November 1st , $1849 after November 1st (CAD $)
$500 deposit required to hold your spot

50% due October 15/16

75% due December 15/16

Payment plans available.

*Prices do not include flight and 13% Costa Rican tax


Registration Discounts

Early bird special – save $150 if you register before October 15th.

Register with a friend and save $100

For more information email [email protected] or visit www.artfulthinker.ca/retreats