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February 24, 2018 - March 3, 2018

Pura Vida Retreat 2018

Event Details

Event Name: Pura Vida Retreat 2018

Event Date: February 24, 2018 - March 3, 2018

We have booked the ENTIRE resort for a PRIVATE retreat: Yoga, Pilates, Cycle, TRX, Restorative and more!

Retreat Features


We are truly invested in this town of Playa Guiones. We have been traveling here since 2005 and running retreats since then. We know everything there is to know and more. All to make sure that your experience is truly Pura Vida.

We have booked the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in its entirety for a private retreat experience.

You will experience:
7 nights at this intimate high end green resort
3 healthy fresh and locally prepared meals a day at the resort
Several professional fitness classes to choose from to make your week just for you:
Yoga, Pilates, Cycle, TRX, Restorative, and more
2 unforgettable nights out at the best restaurants in town,
A luxurious on site spa offering everything you can dream of
An on site juice bar to cleanse and groove through your day
An unbelievable 25 meter salt water lap pool
A quick 5 minute walk to the most breathtaking beachfront you ever seen
And last not but not least you will witness life altering sunsets everyday
It's all true. You just need to show up.

Rates start at $1775 see website for more details


*Pricing does not include: airfare, transportation to and from Liberia airport (however we will organize), excursions, spa treatments, juice bar, and alcohol.

Website: https://www.puravidaretreat.org/

Teacher Bios


Skilled, Hands-on, and alignment based classes

My sweaty pursuits: I have been a dancer most of my life and I am addicted to body movement of all kinds. In 1999 I completed an intense and life changing 800 hour Pilates teacher training with the world renowned Pilates Center, in Boulder Colorado. Ever since I have continued on my life journey of teaching and studying Pilates, Barre, yoga, Gyrotonic, Pranassage® and various other forms of movement. 

Boss lady: In 2003 I founded, owned, managed, and taught at Align Pilates Minneapolis for 11 years. I also designed and facilitated the studio’s teacher training program for Pilates and Barre and founded the studios annual retreats in Nosara.  Align started out as a small private based studio and grew into a popular hot spot for classes and teacher training consisting of thousands of clients and 20 employees. I decided to hang up my "boss hat" in 2014 and sell the business. I traded it in for more time with my beautiful daughter Hazel. After some time off I created a beautiful magical space in a private cottage in my families backyard to continue my teaching and business addiction. 

Personally speaking: In my personal time I am hanging out at playgrounds with my daughter Hazel (4), my little guy Henry (1), and our giant dog Clover. I am married to the one and only Matthew Fitzmaurice. The official retreat "camp counselor."

Wanderlust: To Nosara I wander. I have been traveling to this town since 2005. My ongoing love affair. #homeawayfromhome.


Fun, energetic, and invigorating classes

My sweaty pursuits: I have been an athlete most of my life and know the importance of exercise as part of a well rounded, healthy lifestyle. I graduated from Yoga Teacher Training in the fall of 2008 and have been teaching ever since. My love for yoga began with Bikram Yoga, a run injury got me into the studio in 2000 and I never wanted to leave. That love of yoga piqued my curiosity about teaching. I have taught at several studios in Minneapolis including: The Firm, Core Power Yoga, Sigh Yoga, Solidcore +I also taught Cycle in Venice, CA. I love to teach fun, challenging and energetic classes.  

Boss lady: I have worked for lululemon since the fall of 2008, the year I opened our first Showroom in MN. I grew that into a five store market. I worked my way from store level at lululemon to an independent role; East US Community Manager in 2013.  I have opened over 40 stores across North America and Europe. I coach and train teams to grow their business through connecting to their local community. I love my job. I have the opportunity to help others achieve their goals while helping to grow lululemon over the past 9 years.

Personally speaking: In my personal time I like to run, walk, cycle and try any new class or fitness trend + listen to podcasts, read + spend time with my family. I have a daughter, Eve, she is 19 + 2 French Bulldogs: Georgie and Charlotte #theroyals. I live and love with THE Jim Stathis (you may have met him).

Wanderlust: When I am not doing the above, I love to travel + find new adventures. This year you can find me planning our next big trip (Africa), reading, sweating or drinking a large glass of wine #balance


Exciting, challenging, and technique focused classes

My sweat history: My athleticism started with my passion for fitness in high school and college. I have been an endurance athlete all of my life running over 50 marathons. I have biked across Colorado over 14 times. I have also completed the Triple ByPass bike ride 17 times. I have been involved with The Firm since 1992, I have been teaching cycling ever since. I also have a passion for and teach: Cycle, Personal Training, CrossFit, Athletic Performance Training (APT) and TRX.  I have most recently combined my career in electrical engineering, with my passion for technology by creating a new startup called Momentec. What is Momentec? Movement + Technology, in the form of a Power Suit, which advances body performance. I think futuristically and thus I am passionate about taking fitness into the future with Power Suit Training. 

Who’s the boss: I have an Electrical Engineering + Business degrees. I combine the two to develop new technologies utilizing: lasers, fibers and LED’s to develop next generation products for medical, aesthetics, aerospace + life/health sciences. I listen to CEOs and CTOs then put together high tech products and wearables for the next generation. This combined with my passion for teaching, coaching and fitness allows me to listen to each client and then take them to the next level.  I enjoy seeing people reach their goals and helping make their fitness dreams come true. 

On a personal note: In my down time I work on innovating and developing the Power Suit + Momentec. I love to bike outside in the summer months. I spend time with my family: My sweetie, Jill + her daughter, Eve + the French Bulldogs, Charlotte and George. I have a secret passion for Yoga and one day I will be teaching it.

My passport: Seeking and exploring new adventures (like surfing in Costa Rica). I was in born in the USA but 90% of my Family is in Greece. I speak and read Greek. This year I will working on my European Passport. When I am not doing the above, I will be taking selfies with Jill on our next trip as we explore Pura Vida in Costa Rica over July 4th