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November 20, 2021 - November 25, 2021

Pura Vida! Sana Vida! Women’s Yoga Retreat

Led By: Michelle Bermudez
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Event Name: Pura Vida! Sana Vida! Women’s Yoga Retreat

Event Date: November 20, 2021 - November 25, 2021

Led By: Michelle Bermudez

More Retreat Info: https://www.healinglovedc.com/puravida.html

As the world slowly emerges from a global crisis, it is time for some much needed rest and healing.
Join us for 6 days and 5 nights in nature’s paradise, Nosara Costa Rica!

“Pura Vida” is Costa Rica’s national slogan. It is the way we say “hello”, (think aloha) and the way of life there: pure, natural, and simple. Everytime I come back home, I am reminded of the simplicity that is life and how healing and nourishing nature is.

Pura Vida, Sana Vida is a 6 day journey into the jungles of Costa Rica’s healing powers.

​​Wake up to sound of howling monkeys, birds chirping, and the ocean breeze. Enjoy three daily healthy and delicious organic meals, take part in 2 daily yoga classes, embodied tantra practices, sound healing, women’s circles, and healing journeys.
Nourish your Body
Heal your Soul and
Reclaim your Feminine Power!

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

Majestically positioned and elegantly designed, the Bodhi Tree Yoga resort is a modern yet peaceful sanctuary that will make relaxing and unwinding easy! With over 8 acres of landscaped gardens, waterfalls and gentle streams, you will be inspired to relax and meditate everywhere you go.

Enjoy sunbathing by the salt water pools while taking in Nosara’s epic sunsetsa or take a short walk from your bungalow to Costa Rica’s infamous pristine beaches where you can surf, swim, kayak, or go horseback riding! The Bodhi village has everything the heart could ever desire.



Prices range from $1225 to $2200 depending on room Prices include:

6 days, 5 nights in luxury accommodations

3 organic meals a day

2 daily Yoga classes

Daily Meditations

Healing Journeys

Embodied Practices

Live Sound Baths

Women Circles Cacao Ceremony

13% CR sales tax

Event Leaders
Michelle Bermudez

Instructor’s BIO
Ever since I could remember, I knew I was different.

When I was 9 my grandfather came to me in a dream to say goodbye. I was unaware he was dying of cancer; he passed away that same morning. At 16 I told my best friend she was pregnant before she knew it and at 17 the same with my older sibling… These were things that I just knew intuitively, without any explanation or logic. What I didn’t know however was that I was an empath who was struggling to understand her gifts. And so in efforts of fitting in to societal norms, I fought hard to hide them.

In 2004, I graduated college and moved to DC with a promising career, relationship, a beautiful home, and a very comfortable lifestyle to go with it. I thought I had reached success especially as a first generation Latina who migrated to the US at the ripe age of 6. However inside I was still struggling; to belong, to feel true love and happiness, and to not feel guilty for not being happier. Go figure.

At 31, my health, family, and relationships were challenged in profound ways. I found myself practicing Yoga as a way to retreat. Every time I rolled my mat out I’d feel more connected, grounded, and with purpose. Slowly everything started to shift and align in a way I would have never planned but am so grateful for. My habits changed, my perspective changed, even my desires shifted.

Fast forward 5 years to the peak of a battle between what I thought society wanted from me and what I wanted for myself, I decided to cede life as I knew it and surrender to the innate wisdom that was shifting my life.

I donated all of my belongings and went on a backpacking journey through Southeast Asia where I immersed myself in ancient healing arts including, Yoga, Ayurveda, Thai massage, energy work and other spiritual practices. I had a deep and inexplicable feeling this was my life purpose – to use these ancient practices to heal myself and help others [heal] from the traumas brought on by life.

Today, I can honestly say I am living my best and most authentic life and I know you can too. I have accepted the calling of my heart and believe these gifts were meant to be shared with the world. The healing journey is not easy but I hope you know, you are not alone. I hope you know you are capable of healing yourself. I hope you know how much you deserve to live your best life today.

I look forward to being part of this journey with you.