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April 17, 2021 - April 22, 2021

Pura Vida Surf and Yoga Retreat

Led By: Rachel Perez
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Event Name: Pura Vida Surf and Yoga Retreat

Event Date: April 17, 2021 - April 22, 2021

Led By: Rachel Perez

More Retreat Info: http://www.whimsyandwanderlustyoga.com/

Do you find yourself dreaming of a getaway that’s just for you? Do you love Yoga, Surfing and Adventure? Have you ever wanted to go on a yoga retreat but also wanted plenty of time to explore and to soak up the sunshine? Do you seek to connect with likeminded women that just like you are in need of a place to restore their souls, to share their stories and to press the pause button on life? Are you seeking a place of refuge where you can arrive and be fully present? Free to be you without the distractions of your every day life.

This retreat is for women that recognize how important it is to take the time for themselves to refill their tanks? Women that dare to dream big dreams and seek to live lives less ordinary? Women that work hard but play harder. Women that love being a part of a sacred sisterhood, complete with belly laughs and healing hugs. These are the things that drive my desire to thoughtfully create once in a lifetime custom retreat experiences for the select group of women that feel the call. This time I’m answering the call and I’m following my heart by combining my love of yoga and my desire to become a bona fide-surfer girl.

Will you join me?

The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

A one of a kind Yoga Resort creatively designed and built around nature, carefully leaving the surrounding jungle untouched so you can enjoy the environment exactly as it was intended to be. The architecture is reminiscent of a Balinese hideaway, your own zen zone hidden in the jungles of Costa Rica.

Fuel The Soul

The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort provides you with three delicious, healthy meals per day during your retreat. They believe that cooking with wholesome, natural and fresh ingredients harvested from nature will stimulate your well-being at the ground level allowing your health to blossom.

Surf & Explore

As one of the best surf towns in the world Nosara is gifted with north and south swells that provide world-class waves year round.

Event Leaders
Rachel Perez

My name is Rachel! And my goal if you are reading this is to give you a snapshot of who I am, why I love yoga, and how I hope to use my love of this ancient practice to bring you into a more mindful, abundantly joyful way of living.

My love of yoga began 16 years ago…As a young wife and the mother of two small children, (one child with significant developmental delays and countless therapy sessions.) I was seeking a way to decrease stress while increasing strength and flexibility. Ultimately, I wanted to stay in shape, and possibly distress, but that was secondary. Enter my introduction to Bikram yoga and thus my first yoga love affair ….For many years I was a hardcore Bikram devotee and envisioned myself completing teacher training and sharing the gift that brought me so much joy. While my commitment to my practice stayed strong, it took me nearly 12 years before I would be introduced to a different, less rigid, more whimsical style of yoga, enter Vinyasa Flow through teacher Mindy Piland, (owner of Yoga Time Studio) and have the opportunity to be her student and teach under her guidance as an apprentice teacher.

Within a year of teaching Vinyasa Flow yoga and falling madly in love all over again and with the support of my amazing husband and three wonderful children, I decided to pursue my 200 RYT with (Internationally recognized teacher) Tiffany Cruikshank and complete her Teacher Training through Yoga Medicine. Tiffany was widely known, gracing covers of Yoga Journal and other yoga magazines but I was drawn to her brainy approach to understanding the intricacies of the human anatomy and how to use this knowledge to safely and effectively approach this practice. Her teaching style taught me how to apply yoga as medicine and dive into the anatomical and philosophical themes of this ancient practice. This training forever changed me, igniting my flame and desire to know more! I know that I will always remain a student of yoga, always seeking to know more! Currently I am pursuing my 500 hour certification with Yoga Medicine and I take every opportunity to learn from other teachers, expanding my teaching onto the water with Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga and training with the extraordinary Amelia Travis of Stoked Yogi. All of these trainings have culminated in my desire to share my love of yoga, travel and connection with you through my daily studio classes, local events and destination yoga retreats.

I know first hand that through a dedicated yoga practice, transformation of the body, mind and spirit can and will occur. I am transformed because of what this practice has taught me and continues to teach me every time I roll out my mat. I strive to live out my life cultivating joy though the simple daily practice of gratitude and service and by implementing yoga into everything I do. It is my desire to allow the Divinity that resides inside of me to shine as brightly as possible. I want others to recognize their own Divine nature by finding stillness, by using their breath, and finding communion with God every time they practice.