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February 18, 2023 - February 25, 2023

Radiant Living ~ Women’s Wellness, Yoga and Nature Retreat

Led By: Lauren Lewis and Sue Van Raes
Event Details

Event Name: Radiant Living ~ Women’s Wellness, Yoga and Nature Retreat

Event Date: February 18, 2023 - February 25, 2023

Led By: Lauren Lewis and Sue Van Raes

More Retreat Info: https://www.bouldernutrition.com/costa-rica

On this retreat you will be guided through daily practices that support your health through women’s yoga, self-exploration, personal transformation, nutritional wisdom, nature, and pleasure. We will remind you how to slow down, rest, reflect, and ignite a sacred relationship to self, food, and your body.

Women’s Heart Opening Yoga :: Practice Vinyasa + Yin + Meditation

Women’s Workshops :: Deepen into embodied intentions, inspired living, and personal transformation.

Nutritional Wisdom :: Nourish yourself with local organic food and mind-body nutrition.

Restoration :: Enjoy deep rest and rejuvenation with space to fill up your cup

Discover :: Craft a soulful relationship with yourself

Commune :: Connect with other like-minded women

Nature :: Experience the adventure of your dreams.

Join us in experiencing this very special retreat illuminating the self-care, yoga and food-centric aspects of the feminine. Practice yoga amongst the jungle breeze, watch the beautiful Costa Rican sunsets on the beach, explore the feminine aspect of yourself with a sacred circle of women, and bask in the brilliance of a transformational week where you can come home to yourself.

Pricing and details
$2450-$3750 depending on your accommodation choice.

Pricing includes all meals, workshops, yoga classes and lodging.

Airfare and airport transfer are not included in the price of the retreat.

Event Leaders
Lauren Lewis

“There is nothing more exciting to me than helping someone begin to notice how their physical, emotional, and spiritual states respond by preparing pure, balanced and delicious meals with the intention of well being. Simply by choosing food that properly nourishes our body, we are capable of taking the role of healer and placing it in our own hands. The sense of empowerment gained by this piece of knowledge is profound.”

After college, Lauren attended the School of Natural Cookery to follow her passion for plant-based cooking, and has operated a personal chef and culinary education business for 13 years. In 2000, Lauren found and fell deeply in love with yoga. Yoga and mindful cooking have such congruency and Lauren has found deep passion aligning these two practices.

By intuitively attending to our most basic needs – breath, movement and healing food – I believe we can show up fully to live our most vital lives.

Sue Van Raes

When we immerse into a week just for ourselves, personal break throughs happen. In our busy day to day lives, we often get stuck in the daily grind, pushing through and rarely seeing life in the big perspective of our health and happiness. In my experience, international retreats give us a chance to get out of our day-to-day go-tos and perspectives to see things a little differently, learn new practices that serve our higher good, and take a much needed break to unwind, restore and tap back into our feminine nature and wisdom.

I have led over 30 international and local retreats. I host women’s groups live and virtually with participants from all over the world. It is a deep love I have to see women prioritize themselves and their health and support each other in their desires and intentions. Each time we venture on retreat, beautiful things happen, both internally in how we emerge more resourced, rested and clear and in the beautiful relationships we form with other women on a similar quest.

One women can change anything. Many women can change everything.

Yoga Instructor, Functional Nutritionist, Food Psychology Specialist, Author