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January 7, 2017 - January 14, 2017

Rebellious BLISS Goddess Experience

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Event Name: Rebellious BLISS Goddess Experience

Event Date: January 7, 2017 - January 14, 2017

Come Together to Let Loose-Heal, Connect, Celebrate

Retreat Features

About Kim Bowen Bliss… Kim Bowen Bliss has been helping women conquer their inner critic, heal emotional pain, create deep spiritual connection, and release body shame that eats at their confidence through these powerful journeys for over ten years. Her own life experience of childhood trauma leading to self-sabotage has inspired her to empower women and girls as a Liberation Leader to break free from anything holding them back to live their limitless life based on their own uniqueness. Kim has been a registered yoga instructor for over 12 years and teaches a flow style relating chakras and goddesses to the practice with essential oils for a releasing and energizing practice, is a Reiki Master, Life Coach, and Intuitive Spiritual Mentor who believes we’re capable of anything when we experience connection to ourselves, our Spirit Posse, and our Soul Sisters. She’s a mother of 3 awesome kids, nature lover, woo woo junkie, artist & dancer at heart, and in the process of writing her first novel. You can find her on facebook, twitter, and instagram as Kim Bowen Bliss.

INFO- Paradise awaits to help you release restraints from the past still holding you back, embrace who you are now, and create alignment to see the future unfold how you want it to. If you're tired of the norm and ready to break free through movement, high vibe connection, delicious food, sisterhood ceremonies, and self-discovery & spiritual practices while indulging in the magic of Costa Rica, then you're in the right place. 

Be prepared to go within while seeing beauty all around you, to laugh and cry with women who will become soul sisters, and to indulge yourself in ritual that will leave you vibrant, reconnected, and aware of your personal power that comes from taking time to truly care for you, the goddess you are.  

For more information pease visit http://kimbowenbliss.com/bliss-goddess-healing-retreat/