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June 8, 2024 - June 15, 2024

Salt of the Earth Yoga & Kundalini Retreat

Led By: Toni Pierce, Hannah Colbert and Lizzie Muse
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Event Name: Salt of the Earth Yoga & Kundalini Retreat

Event Date: June 8, 2024 - June 15, 2024

Led By: Toni Pierce, Hannah Colbert and Lizzie Muse

More Retreat Info: https://thesaltybuddha.com/salty-retreat

Embark on a transformative odyssey of self-discovery and holistic healing at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica. Nestled within the lush embrace of nature, this yoga retreat promises seven nights of modern accommodations, providing a perfect sanctuary for rejuvenation. Each day unfolds with the rhythmic flow of morning Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic practice that seamlessly integrates breath and movement, invigorating both body and soul. As the sun dips below the horizon, immerse yourself in the serenity of Yin Yoga, a meditative practice that delves deep into connective tissues, offering profound relaxation and restoration.At the heart of this transformative experience is Kundalini yoga. This ancient practice taps into dormant energy, aiming to unblock and align the body’s chakras, fostering a sense of balance and inner peace. Daily meditation practices, inspired by both Salty Buddha and Bodhi Tree offerings, provide a mindful journey to self-awareness. The retreat is further enriched with a cacao and sound bowl ceremony, inviting participants to explore the depths of mindfulness and engage in prosperity meditations that open doors to abundance.Beyond the enriching practices, the resort offers two saltwater pools, a gym, and private outdoor showers, creating a haven for relaxation. Countless outdoor hideaways beckon introspection and connection with nature. Discover pristine beaches, witness awe-inspiring sunsets, and embrace the gentle waves, just a short walk away on a jungle path. In this harmonious blend of yoga, luxury, and the natural beauty of Costa Rica, the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort beckons you to a retreat that promises healing, self-discovery, and a renewed sense of well-being.



Retreat Pricing:

Email info@thesaltybuddha for pricing details.

Bodhi Villa ……… $3,500 individual king room, outdoor terrace

Treetop King ……… $3,410 individual king bed room, shared balcony with jungle/pool view

Casita Standard ……… $2,900 queen bed in individual room & shared bathroom in shared apartment, kitchenette, living area, outdoor patio

Casita Deluxe ……… $3,100 queen bed in individual room & own bathroom in shared apartment

Queen Bungalow ……… $2,700 queen bed in shared double room, balcony with jungle view

Jungle Room ……… $2,450 queen bed in shared double room, outdoor terrace

Jungle Queen ……… $3,300 queen bed in single room, outdoor patio


Retreat Leaders
Toni Pierce

Toni Pierce is the Owner of The Salty Buddha in Massachusetts and has been teaching for over a century. She has a passion for one breath one movement Vinyasa practice and believes that yoga can change the mind, body and spirit body. She is trauma informed and reiki certified and always incorporates those healing modalities in her teachings.

Hannah Colbert

Hannah Colbert is the owner of The Salty Buddha and is experienced in teaching Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and trauma informed yoga. She believes there is so much healing to be had when movements are still and slow.

Lizzie Muse

Lizzie Muse is a Kundalini practitioner and has been teaching all over the world for over ten years. She uses the kundalini healing modalities in her every day life and uses it as vehicle to help others heal.