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February 19, 2022 - February 26, 2022

Simplify. Connect. Enjoy

Led By: Beth Graham
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Event Name: Simplify. Connect. Enjoy

Event Date: February 19, 2022 - February 26, 2022

Led By: Beth Graham

More Retreat Info: https://www.bethgrahamwellness.com/

This is an all levels retreat to relax in the casual luxury of Bodhi Tree with 2 daily yoga practices (athletic, alignment based in the morning balanced by a slower restorative practice with a bit of meditation in the late afternoon), so you can Simplify.Connect.Enjoy.

Join Beth for a week of relaxing & simplifying in the casual luxury of Bodhi Tree. Be invigorated and set the tone of your day with a morning athletic, alignment based yoga practice. With Beth’s direct cueing and teaching style you will learn how to engage (and yes, sweat!) and practice the postures correctly to feel good again by increasing mobility and strength. Late afternoons will restore you with a slower, prop supported practice and just enough meditation to ease you into the evening.

Between yoga practices enjoy 3 spa inspired meals, relax by the salt water pool, retreat to the shade with a fresh smoothie & book, spa treatments, wander down to the beach, zipline, surf and more! You will leave Bodhi Tree & Costa Rica feeling refreshed by your yoga practice and the connection of slowing down the pace of your life.

To experience Beth’s teaching style www.BethGrahamWellness.com/videos/

For scoop & pricing for the retreat www.BethGrahamWellness.com/retreat/

Event Leaders
Beth Graham

I started teaching in 1997 after studying the alignment based Iyengar tradition. Since then I’ve added elements of vinyasa so that classes flow while alignment is still the focus. Every morning will be an active alignment class and in afternoons the focus with be restorative, yin and breathwork. / Qualifications / certifications

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”— Elbert HubbardMy Journey….started in 1987 when I was rear ended at a stop light. She got a ticket and I got a ruptured cervical disc, Pain was a constant companion until I discovered yoga in 1994. My second child had arrived and no one was sleeping. A stress reduction tape from the library suggested yoga. In desperation, I tried it.In 3 weeks I reported to my husband that the pain had gone. He advised me to stay the course.One thing led to another as books and teachers came my way that opened my eyes to a better way to live. I experimented over and over, kept what worked for me and put the rest to the side.Now almost 36 years later I am serving up the sweet lemonade that came from a truly sour lemon. I hope it helps you to a better life.