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November 2, 2024 - November 9, 2024

Soul Nourishment with Joy Childress & Chelsea Gressman

Led By: Joy Childress
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Event Name: Soul Nourishment with Joy Childress & Chelsea Gressman

Event Date: November 2, 2024 - November 9, 2024

Led By: Joy Childress

More Retreat Info: https://joychildress.com/

    • Welcome to the gateway to relaxation and rejuvenation – a Soul Nourishing yoga retreat nestled at the confluence of the ocean and jungle in the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica. This haven of tranquility offers a harmonious blend of nature’s splendor and opulent comforts, designed to invigorate your mind, body, and spirit. Nestled between the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the lush embrace of the tropical jungle, this retreat is a sanctuary for those seeking an escape from the fast-paced world. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner taking your first steps, our retreat is tailored to embrace all levels and provide you with a space to deepen your practice.Accommodations are an embodiment of refined elegance. Villas and bungalows are thoughtfully integrated into the natural landscape, offering panoramic views that oscillate the lush jungle canopy. Each abode is a sanctuary of comfort, adorned with locally inspired décor, lavish furnishings, and private verandas that extend the living space into the embracing outdoors.

      Connect with like-minded souls, forming bonds that may last a lifetime, as you share stories, laughter, and moments of self-reflection. Here, you can engage in guided yoga and meditation sessions with Joy Childress and Chelsea Gressman, as the gentle ocean breeze and the symphony of the jungle provide the perfect backdrop for mindfulness and self-discovery.

      Culinary experiences are a symphony of flavors, celebrating the bounty of Costa Rican produce and international gourmet excellence. Indulge in a variety of culinary delights, from farm-to-table organic meals to exotic fusion dishes. Dine al fresco under starlit skies where every bite is a journey of the senses. As the sun sets, the retreat transforms into a realm of enchantment. Stars illuminates the pathways, creating an ethereal ambiance as you partake in evening gatherings that include soothing sound baths, and restorative yoga sessions.

      This nourishing yoga retreat transcends the boundaries of a typical getaway. It’s a harmonious convergence of natural beauty, wellness, and opulence, inviting you to rediscover your inner balance and immerse yourself in a journey of self-care and transformation. Come to experience the union of body, mind, and nature in a way that only Costa Rica can offer.

  • Pricing and details
    $3,485-$4,385 Six Nights, Seven Day Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Retreat Leaders
Joy Childress

ERYT 500

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature.” -Joseph Campbell

Living up to her name, Joy is filled with joyful energy! Born and raised in Colorado, Joy grew up deeply immersed in nature with countless hours spent on the back of her horse, swimming in white water rivers and charging up mountains. She fostered an intuitive ability to tune into subtler realms of reality and to hear Nature’s song. This sweet song gifted Joy her life’s mission- to spread love and healing so that ultimately Mother Earth can evolve and thrive as we are all intimately connected.

Mission in mind, Joy obtained her bachelor’s degree in Fine Art as a way to use creative expression to communicate the subtle intricacies of life. Since 2016, Joy has been honored to teach yoga and offer energy healing by way of Usui Reiki. As a second generation Astrologer, Joy offers support and guidance through astrological services and loves to weave astrology into her yoga classes, events and retreats!

Ultimately, Joy’s intentions are to inspire physical, mental and spiritual alignment. Through this beautiful union, you will feel joyful and in harmony with Nature’s sweet song!