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March 24, 2018 - March 24, 2018

The Sonic Journey Experience™

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Event Name: The Sonic Journey Experience™

Event Date: March 24, 2018 - March 24, 2018

The power of your voice, sound and intention.

Workshop Features

Saturday March 24th
2pm – 4.30pm

Shakti Shala 

pre-register: [email protected]

Join Aurélia from Aureliaslight (Award winning new age recording artist, composer and teacher) in this one of kind sound and energy workshop and Sonic Journey Experience™

Through the power of your own voice you will be taught several ways to use it as a tool to tone and align your mind, body and soul as they relate to your energy centers while also tuning into the Divine inside. By blending your own voice and intention you will learn how to transmute the lower energy into high vibration. This will help to create more love energy in your heart and with this, healing and wholeness on multiple planes of existence can occur.

With her original version of the ancient Hawaiian healing mantra Ho’oponopono you will be then be guided to understand and release certain patterns that might keep you stuck. Integration with Aurelia’s Sonic Journey Experience™ (incorporating tibetan singing bowls, chimes, bells, voice, tuning forks, Didgeridoo  and more) will conclude this 2 ½ hour workshop. 

Aurélia previously known as Jennifer Zulli is an award winning new age recording artist, composer, pianist, singer, and educator.  As an empath, reiki master and intuitive sound and energy healer, Aurélia is an avid and passionate explorer of sound and its effects on consciousness. She has her Masters of Science degree in music with a concentration in voice and world music and has been teaching voice, sound and music for 20 years. She the founder and director of SOUND (A Center for Arts & Mindfulness) a holistic arts and educational center for conscious evolution located in Newtown CT.  Aurélia is a visionary with her unique combination of musical composition and expression, energy work and leadership. 

Her music is played internationally on Sirius/Xm radio, Pandora, Spotify and has been used in documentaries and film. In 2014 she released "Goddess Rising"  which has been recorded in 432hz (the light frequency). Her upcoming album SEASONS  will be released in the spring of 2108. Follow her on FB and IG and visit  www.aureliaslight.com for more information.