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June 25, 2022 - July 2, 2022

Unlock your creativity in Nosara: A writing and Yoga retreat

Led By: Ali Vingiano
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Event Name: Unlock your creativity in Nosara: A writing and Yoga retreat

Event Date: June 25, 2022 - July 2, 2022

Led By: Ali Vingiano

More Retreat Info: https://www.writeandflow.com/nosararetreat

This is a 7 night writing and Yoga retreat that will use modalities of beathwork, meditation and Yoga to help you return to your true self, so that you can write with your most authentic and creative voice. There are daily Yoga classes taught by 500h Costa Rican teacher Julian Regulus, and daily writing workshops from Ali Vingiano, a TV writer for The Morning Show, and former journalist for BuzzFeed. Bring a creative project, or simply an idea — we will work together to make sure you leave with a great draft, and a stronger connection to you and the world around you.
Why combine Yoga and writing? The stress of the past two years has been overwhelming, both physically and mentally. Now so many of us feel a need “to catch up” or “make up for lost time” — especially in our careers. These worries create additional feelings of stress, emptiness, failure, and depression. Enough is enough. Our nervous systems are suffering. It is time to heal and thrive. In order to do this, we need introspection and true relaxation. We need to break free from our fears and invite abundance and joy into our lives!

And that’s what this retreat will be all about: Facing the fear that holds us back from our creative potential.

Yoga, meditation and breathwork are incredible tools to push past the fear, doubt, insecurity, and other external factors that prevent you from creating at your full potential. It’s also a lot easier to feel inspired when you’re in a new, beautiful place! There’s a reason why writers famously escape to remote locations to pen their scripts. Let’s join them ????

Note: All writing and Yoga levels welcome.


Triple room: $1990
Double room: $2350
Single room: $2750

Event Leaders
Ali Vingiano

Ali is a TV and film writer (The Morning Show), a teacher at Script Anatomy, and a 200h certified Yoga teacher. Ali will lead writing workshops, offer individualized feedback on your work, and hold introspective journaling workshops that incorporate modalities of Yoga, meditation and breathwork.

She will be joined by Julian Regulus, a 500h Costa Rican yoga teacher, space holder, healer, artist and free spirit.

His approach towards all his healing arts come from the combination of various lineages and schools of thought like yoga, shamnism, vipassana, metaphysics and flowing arts, that he weaves together to create a path that guides you to connect back into your true nature and state of flow.

His yoga path started 12 years ago and is guided by self experience. He has 500 hr yoga training with Costa Rican teacher Edgar Ortiz from Yoga Mandir and the lineage of Dharma Mitra with Rebecca Kovacs School of Self Initiation.

His yoga classes are based on meditation as a mean and a goal. Aligned based asana session that explore both the dynamic movement of vinyasa with the awarness and stillness of hatha yoga and the power of pranayamas and breathwork.

Classes are designed to take you on a Self awarness experience through the observation of breath on movement meditation.

In addition, sound healer Allison Bagg will be joining the retreat. Allison utilizes a plethora of modalities to help students ground into their bodies, establish strong boundaries and open portals to the magic and abundance within. She’s certified in gong, crystal alchemy singing bowls, planetary chimes and tuning forks. She received training under award winning flautist, composer and gong master Tim Wheater and fairy queen Cherub in London. We’re to lucky to get to experience her sound baths!