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July 26, 2024 - July 28, 2024

Vibration Healing Workshop

Led By: Marcelo Mansour and Ceibo Soundz
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Event Name: Vibration Healing Workshop

Event Date: July 26, 2024 - July 28, 2024

Led By: Marcelo Mansour and Ceibo Soundz

More Retreat Info: https://ceibosoundz.com/wp/ceibos-soundz/



Vibration Healing

Introductory Module

An Introduction to the Healer’s Path

The Vibrational Healing Intro Module is a 3 day journey into your own self mastery and creative power – your ability to awaken healing potentials for yourself and from yourself. Training in Vibrational Healing is a training to open our perception, our ability to sense, and generate energy and more expansive and multidimensional states of consciousness. You learn healing techniques and concepts across various traditions (Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Native American and others) that you can experience and implement in your day to day life and that of others. This training program is especially well suited for therapists, healthcare professionals, coaches, healers, practitioners, musicians, actors, and anyone that wants to explore the power of vibrational healing for personal growth. You are your own healer!



The Topics we will explore: Space, Time and Vibration

Space Time Vibration are the dimensions where energy manifests, and so we learn to activate this perception of its presence and to explore how to make it Flow and Grow.

Learn how to play vibrational musical instruments such as Didjeridoo, Tibetan Bowls, Dyembe, and Shruty Box to use them in a healing process. Free your voice to transmit balanced frequencies for self-healing and meditation Learn the foundations of Tai Chi Chuan and other movement practices to empower, combine and connect your intuitive and kinesthetic intelligence. Learn how to awaken the healing power of your hands Awaken your senses and discover how to use your animal instinct Open the process of creation to create new patterns in your life with your heart wisdom Understand and increase your use of Energy Dynamic Enhance your ability to visualize and use visual portals to create and integrate at all levels of being.

The Details: This is a 3 Day In-Person Program | 6 hours per day | 9am-5pm (with Breaks)


$500 with a $100 Deposit + 13% tax

Ticos: $400 with a $100 deposit + 13% tax


Retreat Leaders
Marcelo Mansour

Marcelo Mansour: Originally from Buenos Aires, Marcelo Mansour is a Vibrational Healing & T’ai Chi Master. He has a deep passion for music and composing with 25 years experience teaching T’ai Chi and energy healing. After studying at the “Manuel de Falla” Conservatory of Music, he followed his passions and used his gifts to create a distinctive and expansive healing process. Marcelo teaches in 5 countries: Mexico, Argentina, Spain, United States and Costa Rica and gives seminars using instruments such as Didgeridoos, Tibetan Bowls, Flutes, Djembe, Tambura and the Voice.
Marcelo is the Director of Vibrational Healing at the Intercultural University of Mexico where he is a professor and has a certification program. Students in this program develop clinical practices at The Center of Health and at the Atlacomulco and San Felipe del Progreso Hospitals.

Ceibo Soundz

Residing in the jungles of Nosara, Costa Rica, Ceibo, pronounced sāybō, is dedicated to the exploration of the original self through the sadhanas of meditation, sacred sounds and working with plants and edibles as medicine for the soul.