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April 15, 2017 - April 15, 2017

Women Breathe Circle

Event Details

Event Name: Women Breathe Circle

Event Date: April 15, 2017 - April 15, 2017

3 hour breathwork and dance journey for women rooted in intention and community.

Workshop Features

Aylen Lyra Doucette is a certified level 5 Clarity Breathwork practitioner and avid ecstatic dancer who has been dancing the 5 Rhythms for 12 years as well as studying Kundalini Dance and Trance Dance. She has taught dance at festivals around the world and at Pachamama in Costa Rica, Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in NYC and Minka in Brooklyn NYC. Her passion is in supporting women to reclaim their passionate bodies and authentic expression while letting go of outdated beliefs and emotional patterns. She is a certified Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Tantric Healer, Healthy Breast Educator as well as Clarity Breathworker. She is currently creating an online coaching program for the modern woman rooted in the sacred sensual arts, and holding women's circles in Costa Rica and NYC as well as offering private Clarity Breathwork sessions and Tantric Embodiment Sessions. She divides her time between NYC, Pachamama, Costa Rica and Nosara, Costa Rica,  She also travels internationally to teach, train and explore this glorious planet. Constantly learning, her purpose is to create events that blend healing modalities and art forms to support the modern woman to shine, heal and celebrate the power of Shakti.

Shakti Dance of Breath is a 3 hour breathwork and dance journey for women rooted in intention and community. We start with gathering to create an altar of intention, and then move into ecstatic free-form dance lightly led to fascilitate dropping into the body and out of the mind with a rhythmic healing soundtrack. From there we move into a led meditation to connect us to the earth and our bodies and then into a paired process centered on inquiry into deeper female issues, such as "where in my body am I holding emotion or tension?" or "what fears are holding me back from expressing all of my radiance?"…. In a safe and supportive environment, we then move into a one hour Clarity Breathwork group session laying down and facilitated by hands on assistance and healing music to allow the breath to cleanse and detoxify our mind, body and emotions. Clarity Breathwork helps to release limited beliefs, tension in the body, stuck emotions and issues from the past and birth. It is a powerful alchemical process that is held in a deeply nurturing and supportive environment so each woman feels safe to experience what she needs to in order to heal and expand.  We then close with a sharing circle and connection time with light refreshments..

Cost $30.
The time of the event is to be announced soon.

Email inquires: [email protected]