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November 6, 2021 - November 13, 2021

Yoga Retreat with Jaffer Hussain

Taught By: Jaffer Hussain
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Event Name: Yoga Retreat with Jaffer Hussain

Event Date: November 6, 2021 - November 13, 2021

Taught By: Jaffer Hussain

More Retreat Info: https://jafferyoga.com

Join Jaffer for an intimate all levels yoga retreat to rest, relax and restore. His clear instruction and simple sequencing will allow you to close your eyes and flow through your practice with a deep sense of connection and heightened self-awareness.

Jaffer believes that yoga has nothing to do with touching your head to your knees, loosening up your hamstrings or balancing upside down. A strong yoga practice is about generating qualities that can’t be measured by physical prowess – qualities like love, patience, kindness and compassion. He has designed this 7 day retreat to help you practice these qualities for yourself on the mat and enhance your life off of it.

This is an opportunity to connect to yourself, take a timeout from the daily hustle, devote time to growing your yoga practice and, most importantly, improve your health! Indulge in daily yoga to experience 4 versatile class styles where movements and shapes are uncomplicated and simple so that a new student can understand, yet nuanced and detailed so that an experienced student can refine. Simple doesn’t mean easy. Simplicity can often be the answer to being more productive and effective in life, and the same applies to yoga.

To experience his supportive teaching style, Jaffer invites you to become a Karma Yogi and gain access to a free monthly audio yoga class on his virtual membership.

Are you ready to retreat to the Nosara jungle of Costa Rica with Jaffer for an incredible week of connection and community at Bodhi Tree Resort? Visit his website to learn more and reserve your spot.


  • 7 nights accommodation at the beautiful Bodhi Tree Resort
  • 3 healthy and delicious meals per day, all diets can be accommodated
  • 1-2 yoga classes/day
  • Complimentary Wifi
  • Group Airport Transfers *Some conditions apply

Event Leaders
Jaffer Hussain

Jaffer Hussain is a Toronto-based yoga teacher and wellness advocate. His focus and intention through his work is to teach others how to live well physically and mentally. By offering a combination of yoga and meditation in classes, workshops, and retreat settings, he is able to connect with his community in a
meaningful way. Jaffer offers a yoga class that isn’t just a movement practice, it’s an experience. Expect to be surrounded by the sounds of his latest curated playlist, held by the strength of his confident teaching, and nurtured by the sound of his voice as he guides you through the ebbs and flows of class. His classes are intuitive and taught completely by verbal instruction. This allows Jaffer to offer more hands on enhancements, create the experience that’s best for those in the room, and give students the opportunity to sink into the feeling of a pose instead of how it ‘should’ look. An hour spent in Jaffer’s class is to experience a loved and well-thought recipe. A great playlist, slow starts, heat building flows, juicy cool downs, long savasanas, aromatherapy, and hands-on enhancements. Each ingredient plays a key role in every student’s experience.