February 17, 2018 - February 24, 2018

Journals From the Self Retreat: A Journey of Connection

Taught By: Trish Washburn

Yoga teaches us how to connect with the external world around us and also our inner world - the world of thoughts, ideas, creativity, investigation and contemplation. This relationship between the external and internal world of Oneness is one that requires deep faith, truth, trust and awareness. Through investigation of our inner world and contemplation on the external world, we are better able to connect to the Divine Self - and bring about lasting changes to your life.

In order to investigate and contemplate the world at large, we need time in our schedule... and a yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity to do just that - make time to listen to the Self who whispers wisdoms from within.

Each day we will gather together to create community through our Hatha yoga practices. We will dig deep into our yoga postures, and look within ourselves with Satya (truthfulness) and Santosha (contenment).

Join Trish for a week-long escape focused on yoga, journaling and the art of change with truly fantastic off-site excursions. With one one to two daily yoga sessions and plenty of time dedicated to renewal, you are destined to have a divine experience and return feeling rejuvenated, inspired and connected.

We hope that you will join us for this unforgettable adventure!

Retreat Synopsis

The core of who you are, is a Divine Being. The multi-faceted being you have come to know is not separate from the Whole, but in fact, a living, breathing important part of that Whole. During this Costa Rica contemplative yoga retreat, you will be sweetly guided to deeper explorations and sweeter connections through daily journaling and contemplative excercises woven through the abundance of personal and community time.

The intention of this retreat is to guide you back to the Divine in all of existence. To remind you of the Truth about who you are. To be a guide for you to deepen in your relationships and most importantly, the relationship with your very Self. You are welcome to take days of silence, moments on your own, or time in community excursions - all the while, bearing witness and bringing awareness to the Divine in your life experiences. Join us and connect with other like-minded individuals in a space of healing, love, light, community and connection... all in beautiful Costa Rica!! :)

You can round out your week-long escape focused on yoga, journaling and the art of change with truly fantastic off-site excursions. With two daily yoga sessions and plenty of time dedicated to renewal, you can explore excursions like horseback riding on the beach, surfing lessons, surf board rentals, canopy zip line tours, river kayaking, bird-watching, waterfall hike, stand up paddle surf, and a turtle refuge tour! 

Your registration investment includes your transportation to and from the Liberia airport, your accommodations, your meals, and your yoga. Your flight, spa services, and excursions are extra.  Please read below to view your accommodation pricing options. Minimum $500 non-refundable deposit is due upon reservation. Payment plans are available.  Full balance due January 1, 2018.

Queen Bungalow $1998 per person (double occupancy)
Single Shared Bath $1973 per person
Double Shared Bath $1763 per person (double occupancy)

I hope that you will join us for this unforgettable adventure!

Meet Trish Washburn

Trish Washburn received her teacher trainings from Kriya Temple, Alignment Yoga and has studied with numerous yoga masters. She has over 1200 hours of Teacher Training and has an avid thirst for self-study. Her fluid, fun style comes from her own experiences and from being open to different teaching styles and has deemed her style 'a yoga mut'.  She loves participating in all styles of yoga. Trish is inspired by the deep transformations of body, mind, heart, and soul that yoga can engender for practitioners.

Trish's teaching style is fun, creative and non-judgmental with an emphasis on releasing everyday stress and negative attitudes to experience the joy yoga brings. She brings a fun modern edge to her Vinyasa & Power classes by incorporating unique and modern music, dynamic flows and challenging variations to the practice. She is firmly grounded in alignment principles and an avid fan of yoga philosophy: lessons in yoga, perhaps lessons in life. Trish believes that people are drawn to yoga for many different reasons and within each class students are encouraged to tailor their practice to their individual needs. Always open to questions, she is able to tailor classes to students' needs, and encourages acceptance of each moment as a necessary step along the path of well-being.

Along with being a wife and mother, Trish enjoys participating in any athletice endeavors, triathlons, paddleboarding and anything that builds upon her life as an ex-professional athlete.

Yoga Certifications: Kriya Temple 200hr, Alignment Yoga 200hr & 500hr, DeafYoga’s Visual Yoga Certification