January 13, 2018 - January 20, 2018

Live the Life of Your Dreams Retreat

Taught By: Patrick Harrington

Take your dreams and bring them into reality!

Ever wanted to live more in alignment with your dreams? Living a life of your dreams is possible. I know because I am doing it! I want to share with you the experience and practices that have made my personal leap into bi-coastal living possible. During this post NYE workshop, you will be transformed by multiple and distinct influences.

Throughout the course of human history it has been shown that when a small group, of committed people come together with purpose, the power to manifest becomes infinite. We want to curate a group of game changers that are ready and willing to be vulnerable, become more and support others in doing the same.  

During this week you will practice:
Becoming aware of where you are holding back
Working the muscle of your will power to make powerful, on purpose choices regarding your schedule of self-development and lifestyle.
Yoga twice a day, combining what you are learning mentally with your body becoming stronger and opening up.
Eating in a way that feels high-performance both mentally and physically.  
Meditating for short periods, multiple times a day.
Being clear regarding your future and the willingness to execute on a plan to create it.
Being a part of a very intentional, temporary community that is focused on launching into 2018 from a resourced, renewed and on purpose state of mind and body.

If the above describes you, then don’t hesitate, sign up and let’s co-create a powerful new year
First 5 people to book get Free Coaching Session with Patrick!
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Nov. 13th, 2017 = EARLY BIRD = $200 OFF! 

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