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Why Costa Rica?

Why Costa Rica?

Check out some of the amazing things happening as Costa Rica charges as the forefront of green energy. The world can learn a lot from the conscious eco friendly effort happening here in the land of Pura Vida.

Renewable energy:


Does this beach paradise hold the secret to long life?:


One stunning ride through this lush landscape will answer why we have chosen Costa Rica as our home. To explain this in the purest sense, the culture and environment of Costa Rica is one that supports a healthy lifestyle. By the time you leave, you will fully embrace the country mantra Pura Vida (Pure Life). 
The beauty of the environment lends to enhance our practice of this lifestyle.

At the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort our solar panels are responsible for utilizing the sun to heat all the hot water needed for the facility.

Being aware of our water usage is important in Costa Rica. Long dry winters use up the aquifers storage making it even more important for water management. Here at Bodhi Tree, we take this very seriously and every drop of water goes to use on our grounds. Bodhi Tree has built its own septic treatment plant that recycles used water. This water is used to irrigate the gardens keeping everything green without draining subcutaneous water supplies.

We are very proud to be a plastic free facility. Along with our community we have taken an aggressive stand on keeping our environment clean and healthy. We encourage every guest to join us in doing our part in Keeping Costa Rica Plastic Free. Through education and consistent effort we are working to make Bodhi Tree a consciously green resort.

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