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Yoga, Yoga, Yoga

Just like our fingerprint, each yoga experience comes with its own uniqueness breath by breath.  Each class carries its own “Joie de vivre” or joy of being one’s own self as we express and move through the teachings of yoga.  Here at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, we offer the community a chance to study with expert teachers in a variety of styles.  Each offering is an opportunity to explore this ancient practice of yoga through each teacher’s own unique voice and of course with the community we are all a part of.

We invite you to join us on the mat at the Bodhi Yoga Shala.

Uniting breath and body, these classes involve dynamic flowing sequences that connect in a creative format. Classes generally begin slow and fluid and increase in intensity to a peak pose. We end with longer deeply held postures, inversions and of course savasana.  All levels are welcome.

Long blissful stretching to release tension from surfing, fitness or simpy a long day of vacationing…surrender to gravity in this grounding relaxing class. A perfect way to witness the sunset from our candlelit Shala (studio).

A continuous gentle to moderate flow with emphasis on breath. The synchronicity of movement and breath will create fluidity and lightness in your body.

An all levels flow class with extra focus on postures to strengthen and open your hips. This class will finish with long juicy deep hip-openers to help you melt into a blissful savasana.


A combined practice of Restorative poses and Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics that enhances the ability to activate the relaxation response of our nervous system. Restorative poses are reclining poses accessing complete relaxation using bolsters, blocks, walls, straps and meditation cushions. The Self Awakening Therapeutics is an experience of learning how to unwind tension in the shoulders, the hips and the axis of the spine from head to tailbone through the innovative, fun and authentic therapeutic movement inquiries. This practice is an invitation to witness your experience without controlling it. NOTE: No yoga experience necessary to attend this class.

Benefits include: Reduced symptoms of chronic stress, back pain, insomnia, jet lag, high blood pressure, menopausal transitions, asthma, headaches, depression, anxiety, arthritis, constipation and breathing problems. And it is suitable for injury and surgery recovery.

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