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Farm to Table?

The Farm – to – table movement has been rapidly gaining recognition. This movement is concerned with producing food locally and delivering that food to

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Chakra Juices! $5

A ‘Chakra’ is the name for an energy center in the body.  In Yoga, Chakras are commonly studied as an energy vortex, or region in

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Surfing in Nosara

Surfing in Nosara, Costa Rica I’m not going to lie.  The movie Point Break starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze was seriously one of my

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There is a movement happening in our little beach town. Trending with the eco-tourism of Costa Rica we think this is an incredibly important one.

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Bodhi Gym

The Bodhi Gym is one of its kind in Costa Rica. We are filled up with the best high level exercise equipment to help propel

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Why Costa Rica?

Why Costa Rica? Check out some of the amazing things happening as Costa Rica charges as the forefront of green energy. The world can learn

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