All public classes are held in our community yoga shala unless otherwise noted.

Class Descriptions


Bodhi Tree’s signature “Bodhi Vinyasa” classes are designed to awaken and energize you for the day ahead. This practice stretches and strengthens the muscles with a strong focus on breath and body alignment. Get your prana moving with this playful morning class.

Ideal for anyone wanting a yoga class that is strength orientated with a intelligent sequences to tone your core and take your yoga or chosen movement discipline to the next level. 1 hour of intensity and fun building functional core strength, and cultivating endurance

A balanced combination of sustained poses as well as some poses flowing in a mindful progression from one to another. Attention is always given to basic alignment. Mindfulness; observing breath and body are an integral part of class.

Inspired style of yoga with fun music, heart and soul. Every class is unique and different. Learn how to apply the techniques of Kundalini yoga off your mat in order to more consistently live from a place of joy, alignment, ease and freedom. No previous yoga experience necessary. Come enjoy and have fun. 

A powerful integration of strong, sweaty vinyasa and deeply restorative, fully supported flow, Power Restore utilizes modern science to back thousands of years of yogic wisdom. Through exploration of neurobiology and the nervous system, Power Restore invites your whole being to drop into a state of higher consciousness and deep healing.


Restorative Yoga is known for its calming effects on the nervous system. In combination with two Reiki Practitioners this experience invites you to recharge your energy levels and enter a state of relaxed awareness.

This practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. Relax, Renew and Receive, an internally focused practice facilitating deep nourishment and mindful equipoise, using props to support the postures. This class is appropriate for students of all levels.\

Bringing together Yoga and Feldenkrais this practice is designed to help you reconnect with your body and its wisdom. Self Awakening Yoga will help to break up unhealthy movement patterns and allows you to reconnect with yourself. 

This class invites students from all levels of experience and fitness

A class with slow, mindful movement, poses practiced with stable, self-centering energy. Emphasis is placed on safe alignment and the maintaining balance of the slow breathing. Conducive to the meditative practices of mindfulness of action and awareness of deepening the breath helping you to live more in the present moment.

Open level class is infused with mindful vinyasa, gentle balancing, and simple breath-work. This class helps to balance physical and energetic levels of healing. Move, flow, breath and meditate, all timed perfectly with the setting sun.

An exploration of the deeper layers of the body. In this practice we are working with releasing and subtly softening the fascial tissue which can stiffen over time. This is a practice of long holds, deep openings and working with the edges of the physical body, emotional body and the psyche, through witnessing, allowing and surrendering.

VINYASA Levels 1 - 2, 2/3
A powerful class that connects fast and slow movements with the breath and free flowing movement. Vinyasa means to flow from posture to posture with the breath.  The practice becomes, over time, with practice, a moving meditation.

“YOGA BASICS“ is a 60-Minute Class that is individually created for the needs of all the participants. Designed for beginners to get an introduction of the various styles that yoga has to offer, but also ideal for students that have been off the mat for a while and want to get their practice going again. 

We inivite you to come 15 minutes before class to check in with the teacher, there will be optional time and space for asking questions and sharing your experience afterwards. 

An all levels class specifically designed to balance stretching with vinyasa flow to mobilize compacted joints and relieve sore muscles in your body for increased mobility and optimal health. Focuses on an "all body" yoga experience that increases your flexibility, balance, focus, breath, and strength.

Ashi & Ceibo Sound Healing Restorative
A soothing restorative class combined with live healing sounds that emphasizes softness and self-compassion. It is a non strenuous class that will stimulate the parts of your body that are not typically affected by the more energetic yoga styles while taking a sound bath with healing vibrations from Ceibo's collection of crystal and alloy Tibetan bowls and other sound healing instruments of the world. 

An enchanted sound meditation that encourages the awareness of the natural self through the use of mystical instruments of the world.

Be transported through a transformative yoga journey through breath, body, heart and soul with Yali, sequenced to a blend of live sacred sound mix from DJ Hawk. The intention is set for this experience to be a deep melodic journey into the Self.

Open to All levels

Using the Empowering, Dynamic, and Detoxifying Kriyas of Kundalini Yoga and making them more modern. Every class is unique and supported by inspiring, fun music to hold space for you have a deeper experience with SELF. Break Free of limiting beliefs, toxic programming, and connect to Truth inside your Heart. Learn how to apply the techniques of Kundalini Yoga off your mat and in your Life, in order to more consistently Live from a place of Love, Peace, Happiness and Alignment. No previous Yoga experience necessary. Come enjoy and Remember.  


Work through a range of different movements that will enhance strength, endurance, balance, power, coordination, core strength, and more. Step outside your comfort zone, break boundaries, challenge yourself, and meet challenges with others.

Dive into a refreshing and intelligent approach towards movement. Rediscover the use of play through physical practice. Explore primal movement patterns incorporating soft body and outdoor play. Learn instant protocols to develop strength and flexibility. Find self awareness through Movement and Play.

An all levels class for both men and women with or without experience. This class contains the training and conditioning to become a well rounded boxer. From plyometrics to intensive cardio, you will develop the strength and stamina to hit the bag with proper technique as well as hit the boxing pads with the trainer and experience a personalized training every time. Get ready to sweat!

"From Pain to Performance" Foundation Training is a powerful tool that helps the client, using only their own body, to strengthen from the ground up. This begins with the ever-so important Posterior Chain, fundamental in strong and healthy human movement. Combine that with focused movement with the TRX system and an extremely unique, hybrid fitness class takes shape.  Whether you are looking to relieve some aches and pains of complacent adaptivity of everyday life (specific to back, neck, and joint pain) or simply want to move better, stronger, and pain free, this class can get you there.  Great for surf fitness, strengthening your yoga practice, and simply feeling good. Lengthen, strengthen, and Decompress!

Jungle Moves is a unique and challenging practice used to develop movement awareness, coordination, organic strength and mobility. This multidimensional practice draws on elements of gymnastics, dance, locomotion and play ... to mention a few. 

Coordination drills and movement conundrums will provide a spirited mind-body connection. Playful interaction with other participants will bring inspiration and camaraderie within a non-judgemental, jungle environment.  

Get ready to hang and invert, crawl and roll …. and get your Jungle Moves on.

Aknanda Qigong Foundations 
Bringing together the ancient knowledge from oriental arts. Aknanda designed this class to convey Qigong foundations and awaken in everyone the power of Qi flow. The essence is the cultivation of Qi ( life force energy ) and teach  techniques that generate healthy physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. This practice will help you find your center power (Dantien)  and reach body mind connection. You will stretch and strengthen the muscles,tendons and ligaments with a special focus on breath and develop healthy movement patterns that allows a better body alignment. This class is a balanced combination of poses, movements and meditation that will make you find physical health but also  inner peace,empowerment and awareness.A journey to the deeper layers of the body. All levels are welcome. 

Five Animals Qigong 
Discover a powerful daoist Qigong form that comes from deep in the mountains of China. The five Animal Aknanda Qigong gets deep into the body, this dynamic form combines rhythmic movement of five animals, breathing techniques and a strong focused spirit. Each animal form works to heal and bring into balance the internal organs and the meridians of the body. Each animal represents a different element of the five columns of  Traditional Chinese Medicine. We will move mindfully from one pose  to another with elegance, animals steps, and a powerful flow.This practice will work to squeeze out toxins and emotions from the organs. You will feel peaceful, energized and focused opening the pathways of vitality and human potential. All levels are welcome. 

Aknanda Dynamic Qigong 
Join us in a practice that combine a dynamic range of circular and flow movements that will enhance core strength, balance, spine flexibility, coordination and cultivating endurance. A powerful integration of deeply restorative and fully supported flow to awaken self-centering energy. This practice combines movement, breathing techniques and powerful Qi Flow to gain a body, mind and spirit connection opening the pathways of vitality, longevity and harmony. All levels are welcome. 

Mindfullness Qigong
Aknanda  wants to invite you into a journey to connect with the ancient wisdom of Asia through Meditation and Mindfulness  that awakens awareness and helps you be in the present moment. This allows you to get into deeper layers of your consciousness and feel deep calm, relaxation, strong focus and the power of soft motions of Qigong. This practice has deeply restorative effects and will help you recharge your energy  and enter a state of relaxed awareness .It is also known for calming the nervous system and stimulates intuition. All levels are welcome.


Aerial yoga provides a fun and challenging workout that allows you to stretch and strengthen without over-stressing your joints or compressing your vertebrae. The key to Aerial Yoga is the hammock, the silky acts as your support system. Some health restrictions might apply. Please pre-register @ reception

Ballet  fundamentals and Contemporary Dance Barre fusion  integrating  key principals of Hatha Yoga for a fluid and empowering Barre session. Recommended movement and yoga experience, and for those who love dance technique principals for strength, balance, flexibility and grace. 

is a class designed to burn calories, strengthen your muscles and at the same time strengthen your heart and cardio endurance. Come move your body to upbeat, fun music, boost your metabolism and get you energized for the  day. 

Samba dance class is a fun workout to the energetic, pulsing sounds of Brazil. It is a mix of fitness, jazz and Samba dance moves from both Rio and Bahia. It is open to all ages of adults, male and female who are looking to get a great whole body workout, or current dancers looking to expand their dance knowledge. 

Vinyasa Style with creative sequencing, ideal for those who already know the principles of basic yoga postures and are interested in learning how to practice in a dynamic, breath-led, flow-based format. Carefully woven in to a tapestry of creative sun salutes, core, balancing, pranayama, meditation, deep reflection and a sweet shavasana. Also appropriate for yoga practitioners of different levels where options are offered creating a challenging progressive experience. 

“Pranayama removes the veil covering the light of knowledge and heralds the
dawn of wisdom”.

B.K.S. Iyengar.
In yoga, deep breathing is part of the practice of Pranayama. prana is the vital energy or life force, Ayama means length, expansion, and extension. According to B.K.S. Iyengar, Pranayama also means communication, expansion, or dimension. When practicing Pranayama, one slows down the rate of breathing and expands chest and lung capacity. Pranayama is an integral step in the eight-limbed path of yoga, which strives to bring consciousness to mind and body, and finally, freedom.
Take your yoga practice to a deeper, relaxing, meditative level.

Shakti Samadhi ~ Movement Alchemy 
Morning Movement Alchemy practice. Deeply meditative journey of healing, decompression of the spine, joints and energy activation through the wisdom pathways of the body. From Sun Salutations to the four directions, to core vitality and heart opening asanas (postures), this practice embodies a delicate fusion from various Yoga traditions. 

All levels welcome.

Iyengar Yoga class
75 min Iyengar class with Vaya.
Emphasizing the importance of precision in the practice,  Iyengar Yoga uses props, techniques, sequences and timing to allow for a deep experience of the asana, tapping into its powerful essence and balancing effort and surrender, doing and non-doing. Learning the foundation and going for deeper understanding the meaning of practice.  This unique approach to yoga is a gateway into the practice for many.

Suitable for all level.

Shakti Samadhi ~ Rites
5 Tibetan Rites meet Vinyasa Kramma teachings, offering a beautiful and potent practice through the power of breath and movement as One. Purification, Rejuvenation and Expanded Vitality are the core Shakti (Creative) nectar of this Yoga.
All levels welcome.


Lisa Chaves
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