Upcoming Yoga Retreats

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is the perfect setting for your group to enjoy their own personalized retreat. Offering a world-class facility for your tailored yoga retreat, your group will enjoy being immersed in our luxurious setting. Take advantage of our salt-water lap pool, or take a five minute walk along our jungle path to arrive at one of Costa Rica’s most stunning beaches. We can help guide you in designing your weeklong retreat in paradise.

April 01, 2017 - April 08, 2017

Energize your body. Nourish your soul. Envision your best self.

Step away from your hectic life and prioritize your emotional and physical wellness in a truly amazing travel destination.

Taught By: Alison Buchanan & Kristine Tom
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April 02, 2017 - April 14, 2017

JourneyDance™ International Fast Track Retreat and Training

In this retreat and training, we practice and explore our presence in its power and authenticity, and we experience ourselves as the empowered versions we’ve always wanted to become and you will see so clearly how each individual's presence is essential to the whole.

Taught By: Toni Bergins, Joni White-Hansen, Rodrigo Gonzalez
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April 09, 2017 - April 14, 2017

Barefoot Big Heart

Open your heart and connect with your Inner-Guru. Immerse yourself in a sacred space that will allow your best self re-emerge!

Taught By: Paula Stephens, M.A.
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April 15, 2017 - April 22, 2017

The Power of Thought - A SHY Retreat 2017

Spring Break in Costa Rica - Join Summit Hot Yoga to explore the wonders and power of our THOUGHTS on and off the mat.

Taught By: Jim & Deby Curio, Latonya Hil
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April 22, 2017 - April 29, 2017

Warrior Week Featuring Barry's Bootcamp Instructors 2017

For 8-days we'll commit to self-care through challenging cardio, strength training, yoga, and meditation.

Taught By: Barry's Bootcamp trainers Erica Stenz and Tommy Stracke
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April 23, 2017 - April 29, 2017

Ease and Discovery Yoga Retreat 2017

Practice mindful movement, eating, and activities in the beautiful Costa Rica!

Taught By: Melany Gladieux
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April 29, 2017 - May 06, 2017

Alive and Awake’s Purpose and Passion Retreat 2017

The Purpose and Passion retreat is for you if you are ready to place your biggest game in life, as we incorporate transformational leadership coaching, yoga, meditation, surfing and the pura vida lifestyle to elevate you to your highest potential!

Taught By: Lindsay Sukornyk
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May 06, 2017 - May 13, 2017


Step out of your comfort zone and into your happy place. Breathe in...chill out... ride a wave.

Taught By: Nicole Koch and Beverly Jane Peatross
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May 06, 2017 - May 13, 2017

Wild Souled Women - Reclaim Yourself

Inside every woman is a wild woman seeking to get out. It’s time to let her out. Reclaim all of your life in Costa Rica.

Taught By: Tonya Whittle & Regina Wright
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May 13, 2017 - May 20, 2017

Costa Rica Screenwriting Retreat

If you’re a screenwriter who suffers from writer’s block, escape to a tropical paradise in Costa Rica where award-winning screenwriter Bill Boyle and movement coach Bibi Caspari will help you let go of stress, connect with your creative core and open the pathway to writing a great script.

Taught By: Bill Boyle and Bibi Caspari
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May 13, 2017 - May 20, 2017

Encompass Aerial Yoga Retreat 2017

Get ready to totally kick back and relax while soaking in some sunshine. All you need to do is bring yourself! In a world so busy and so serious it is your time to finally play and restore in beautiful Costa Rica!

Taught By: Breanna Stutheit and Carmen McLevin
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June 03, 2017 - June 10, 2017

Shamanic Sisterhood Retreat

Join us for a mastermind of the heart and soul....this eight day/seven night retreat is for all sisters seeking a profound spiritual, mental, physical healing or any Goddess that wants to truly PLAY IN THEIR POWER.

Taught By: Donna Eldrigde & Keely Spell
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June 17, 2017 - June 23, 2017

Pilates Nosara Adventure Retreats June 2017

Join us at Pilates Nosara for daily Pilates classes at our home, Pilates Nosara and the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort.

Taught By: The Pilates Nosara Team
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July 01, 2017 - July 08, 2017

Sol-Axé Music and Dance Retreat, in collaboration with Elika Aird and Mary McQueen

Join Andreina Febres, Raffaella Falchi, Alfie Macias, Elika Aird, and Mary McQueen for one unforgettable week of yoga, Zumba, samba dance, salsa dance, and boot camp.

Taught By: Andreina Febres, Raffaella Falchi, Alfie Macias, Elika Aird, and Mary McQueen
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July 15, 2017 - July 29, 2017

Kids to Teens Yoga Teacher Training 2017

Do you love kids and Yoga? This training develops your passion for teaching yoga to kids and gives you the skills to work with all ages-babies to teens! Come immerse yourself in a joy-filled environment tapping into mindfulness, meditation and yoga techniques specially designed to work with children.

Taught By: Danielle ‘Daya’ Radl
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August 12, 2017 - August 18, 2017

Pilates Nosara Adventure Retreats August 2017

Join us at Pilates Nosara for daily Pilates classes at our home, Pilates Nosara and the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort.

Taught By: The Pilates Nosara Team
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October 14, 2017 - October 21, 2017

Realign with your Heart and Soul Purpose

Join Ahoo and April for this women's only retreat which will provide a tranquil space where you can nourish and nurture yourself back into a state of harmony.

Taught By: Ahoo Sarab and April Berta
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October 27, 2017 - November 11, 2017

Outbound Yoga RYT200 Hour Teacher Training 2017

The Outbound Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training is Yoga Alliance Certified and is designed to help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga, find your true voice- and follow your passion. If you have the urge to elevate and inspire others, then this is the program for you! Everything we teach is rooted in creativity, authenticity and self-love.

Taught By: Amanda Kelly
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January 20, 2018 - January 26, 2018

Costa Rica Yoga and Surf Retreat With Tener Rogers

Pause…Listen…Immerse yourself in beauty for a week of yoga, surf and soul nourishment. Steep yourself in nature. Reconnect with your truth.

Taught By: Tener Rogers (RYT E200, 500 RYT)
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February 10, 2018 - February 17, 2018

SHE GLOWS RETREAT 2018: A Woman's Retreat of Self-Discovery

Offering women's self-discovery retreats of renewal, reconnection and awakening.

Taught By: Brie Doyle and Nikita Fowler
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February 17, 2018 - February 24, 2018

Journals From the Self Retreat: A Journey of Connection

Yoga & journaling at the Bhodi Tree Yoga Resort, Costa Rica

Taught By: Trish Washburn
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February 17, 2018 - February 24, 2018

Soothe Your Souls

Dynamic duo, mama Gloria and daughter Skye, invite you to come play on a blissful bonding journey and experience the Pura Vida. This divine feminine retreat nurtures and honours your inner and outer beauty. Explore who you are and how you move through your life.

Taught By: Gloria Williams & Skye Tostowaryk
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